What are the results of the UI design

What actually is UX / UI design?

Good question! I then put them to Mette right away; Chief Developer at Debitoor.

"UX means user experience and in German translated 'user experience'. UX is simply the 'when, when, where, how and why' someone uses a product! In other words, everything that affects the user of a product. "

Interesting. But what is UI?

"UI stands for User Interface and is the interface design. It is a fantastic job to come up with a beautiful design that makes it easy for the user to communicate and interact with the system.

UX and UI, in my opinion, cannot be separated from one another, as they both convey knowledge of how people think and act. As a UX / UI designer, I always have to keep the needs of the users in mind and align them with the business goals.

If that works, then we will offer a product and a strong business model that users will simply love! These processes are super exciting! "

What do you love about working with UX / UI?

"I've always wanted to try different things. It ended up being able to combine most of my interests with my work as a UX / UI designer - psychology and analysis of human behavior combined with practical work on design and functions.

UX is also very social and fun because you work a lot in a team.

At the same time, I'm my own wife and I can spend hours cracking problems. There's just nothing I don't like about this job. "

And the result? The accounting software Debitoor looks damn good and has an intuitive user interface that is fun to work with.

Check it out and try Debitoor for free.