What is the future of Apple's MagSafe

MagSafe: What Apple's new wireless charging standard can do for the iPhone

One surprise that only became known shortly before yesterday's Apple keynote was the MagSafe technology revived by the company.

The four new iPhone 12 models now have magnets on the back that help with charging and enable new accessories. Apple and peripheral providers are also offering a compact charging puck (price 43.85 euros) - as well as special charging mats soon, of which there will also be one that can be used to charge the iPhone 12 and Apple Watch at the same time.

Faster loading thanks to alignment

Thanks to the magnets, the iPhone is always correctly positioned. Up to 15 watts can be transmitted - significantly more than the 7.5 watts usual for Qi. At the MagSafe presentation, Apple also emphasized that with conventional Qi chargers there is always the problem that the devices are positioned incorrectly on the charging mat and thus cannot be charged with full power. MagSafe makes this practically impossible if a suitable charging mat is available. The iPhone 12 is still compatible with traditional Qi chargers.

Magnetic cases

The magnets also have a second function: special accessories are attached over them. Apple's silicone cases for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will (also) be magnetic in the future. Charging through them is still possible. Apple also offers a card cover that can be attached directly to the iPhone 12, as well as a new sleeve cover that can be slipped over the iPhone 12. This also holds magnetically and offers a peephole for the time. The iPhone knows that the case is in use and then turns on the watch.

Spending money is the trend

Apple is hoping for a "completely new ecosystem" from MagSafe - the first accessory manufacturers such as Belkin, Mpow or Mophie are already in the starting blocks. For users, of course, this also means that they have to take into account higher expenses for new peripheral items. MagSafe hardware is by no means included with the iPhone - it has to be bought later.


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