What is rapid prototyping in embedded

Rapid prototyping in electronics development

Due to ever shorter cycles in product development with simultaneously increasing demands on the scope of functions, agile development models have become more and more relevant in the field of software development in recent decades. In electronics development, on the other hand, a final version is often worked towards with a few iterations.

The introduction of rapid prototyping in hardware development not only lowers the risk when creating innovative and new products. By providing adapted hardware at an early stage, the development of the software in an environment close to series production can begin at an early stage. This enables more effective use of the development time.

Steinbeis Embedded Systems Technologies GmbH, based in Esslingen am Neckar, offers a wide range of engineering services. These range from support with the definition of requirements, through the design of hardware and software, to Production of near-series prototypes and small series (PCB assembly), including their testing and qualification. Steinbeis EST GmbH can draw on many years of experience in the field of electronics and software development.

In addition to the development of prototypes, Steinbeis EST GmbH also supports its customers in series development and, through the partnership with the EMS service provider KK Elektrotechnik GmbH from Backnang, can also support them in qualified series production.