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Department of Architecture

Prof. Ir. Pieter van der Ree

The professorship for organic architecture was founded in 2005 with the support of the Dutch Iona Foundation. Her main area of ​​interest is the relationship between people and architecture. The human body, soul and spirit are viewed in a lively interaction with the built environment and with nature, society and culture. The aim is to create a holistic living space that harmonizes nature, culture and technology and promotes natural, social and cultural life.

The subjects of architectural history and architectural theory are taught as part of the professorship. In addition, there are regular interdisciplinary events, seminars and lectures on various topics.

Architectural history

The history of architecture gives an overview of the development of western architecture and urban development from its beginnings to the present. Architecture and urban planning are viewed in close connection with the development of culture and society. It examines how available building materials, technical possibilities, economic circumstances, social conditions, cultural values ​​and ideological content shape the built environment and thereby indirectly influence people and society.

This point of view is intended on the one hand to awaken an awareness of the connections between architecture, culture and society and on the other hand for the specific characteristics of our time.

Architectural theory

The built environment is not only determined by material circumstances and social conditions, but also by ideas, values ​​and ideals. These flow consciously and unconsciously into the design and thus indirectly shape our lives.

Architectural theory is dedicated to researching the influence of ideas, values ​​and ideals on the built environment. Theories and manifestos are always time-bound and are born from a specific time.

This inevitably leads to the question of which architectural and social challenges we stand for ourselves and which new concepts we have to develop in order to cope with them. This question should at the same time arouse the students' awareness of their own goals and ideals in relation to architecture and society.