Is it okay to rinse baby wipes?

In today's post, I'll show you a few ideas for babies. These simple games thrilled my daughters back then.

You can try out the suggestions from the crawling age. By transforming them over and over and making them more difficult, you can use them for a long time. For example, my two-year-old still likes many of the exercises today.

As always, the ideas are quickly and easily prepared and you will probably already have the necessary utensils at home or you can easily replace the items with others. I hope you enjoy playing!

Spider web - gripping game


  • Box / laundry basket with holes
  • Filling toys
  • Wool

For this game idea you need a box with holes on the side walls. Put some interesting toys or everyday items in the box and wrap the wool from side to side to create a net.

The children now try to free the items from the box. The tighter the spider web is wrapped, the more difficult the exercise.

For example, older children can be blindfolded to do the exercise. Or one asks about certain things "I would like to eat a melon!" Or thinks up a riddle for the object you are looking for.

Empty the tissue box


  • A tissue box
  • Silk scarves, scarves, scraps of fabric

Who does not know it? For once, not paying attention for a moment, and the child devotedly clears the tissue box or the wet wipes. Yes, yes ... If your child has this passion too, then this game idea is perfect!

You need a tissue box, whether made of cardboard or, as with me on the picture, made of wood, it doesn't matter. You fill the box with a long scarf, knotted silk scarves or lots of rectangular scraps of fabric.

Babies love to pull the items out of the box. If they are used to doing this, they can be encouraged to stuff the objects back in.

Filling exercise with corks


  • A jar or box with a large hole on top
  • Corks / pompons,….

My children love these filling exercises and work concentrated and eagerly until all of the corks are filled. It is a pleasure to watch them do it. Of course, you can also use the time you gain to cook in peace or do other things.

You can use everything your household has to offer as a vessel for filling (bottle with a large opening, measuring cup, tall vessel) or you can make something suitable yourself (shoe box with hole, chip box with hole, etc.). You can also let your creativity run free with the things that are filled in. What do you have large amounts of at home? Pompons, clothespins, bells, corks, egg packaging? By changing the materials you create variety and can do the same exercise many times without the children getting bored.

The older the children are, the smaller both objects and the hole in the opening can become. So this exercise remains interesting for a long time and can be offered until kindergarten age.

Stacking game with a sieve


  • Sieve
  • Ice cream sticks or pipe cleaners

This plug-in exercise was always extremely popular with my girls. You fill the holes of the sieve with ice cream sticks or pipe cleaners and the children pull the objects out again. Later you can turn the exercise over and let the children stick the chopsticks in.

Whisk - gripping game


  • Whisk
  • Pompoms or scarves

You can offer this game idea to your baby as soon as it can grasp. At the beginning the whisk is felt, put in the mouth and admired. The children later discover that they can get the items out. Silk scarves are best suited for this at the beginning, because they can be taken out quite easily. Little by little you can put in several towels or pom-poms. Then the exercise becomes quite tricky.

Discovery basket

Discovery baskets are such a wonderful opportunity to appeal to the senses and especially the tactile perception of children. How do the items feel? What do I feel when I have it in my mouth? How do they sound?

I regularly refilled our discovery basket and the girls were always very curious to see what was going to be marveled at again. The objects were examined and played on with great interest each time.

You can also use discovery baskets wonderfully to promote language, for example by only using things from a special area such as the kitchen and then practicing the words specifically.

You can also focus on the colors or the material properties. For example, I often had baskets with objects of the same color or things made of the same material.

It's always amazing how easy it is to create meaningful employment opportunities for the dwarves with a few everyday objects! I hope I was able to inspire you with my suggestions!

All the best, your Sandra