What sound does a tanuki make

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A raccoon dog on a longboard cruises on endlessly winding streets through a colorful world of vaporwaves.

By Robert Glashüttner

It is the perfect answer to “Out Run”: 35 years ago, as a white man, we raced through wide, palm-lined streets in a Ferrari Testarossa. Today we cruise on them as a kind of raccoon with a longboard, into the infinity of the striking vaporwave aesthetic, the successful retro remix of the 2010s.

Animal drifting and grinding

Strictly speaking, a tanuki is not a raccoon, but a sub-form of the Asian raccoon dog, which looks very similar to the raccoon. Our game tanuki doesn't care about his parentage at first, he primarily wants to look dope and throw himself on his longboard. It works intuitively, in other words, we steer our rolling animal to the left and right, accelerate and brake. And we try not to bang into cars, stones, barriers or other obstacles.

"Tanuki Sunset", developed by Rewind Games, has been released for Windows. A freely available demo has been playable in the browser since 2019.

Driving is just the beginning, because “Tanuki Sunset” is all about confident style and cool tricks. Drifting is the most important technique that we should learn quickly so that we can get through the many hairpin bends safely. Later there are also jump ramps; and if you are really brave, you can grind around the edge of the road - that gives you additional points. Important to know at this point: All routes are floating in the air. So if such a grind doesn't work, it doesn't put our tanuki on the buttocks, it sails into the abyss.

Rewind Games

The seagull occasionally invites us to run.

Fast and tricky

"Tanuki Sunset" is colorful and funny: the versatile soundtrack fits perfectly with the vaporwave or 80ies look of the game and the endless cruising and drifting through the winding streets. Speaking of which: the levels are not really endless, but they are quite long. This racing game is clearly a marathon, not a sprint. In the beginning you should concentrate on getting through the individual sections without falling, which is not that easy at first. Once control has become part of the flesh and blood, one can be more courageous. If you want to win badges and challenges later on, you should drive fast and tricky.

Rewind Games

You can't buy the stylish moves, but you can buy new outfits as well as decks, trucks and wheels for the board, but they only differ from one another optically.

The game was developed by a team of just two from Canada. It has enough challenges to keep you entertained for at least a long weekend. And let's be honest: where else can you skate with raccoon dogs on longboards?

"Tanuki Sunset" in the FM4 Spielekammerl show

Today (Thursday, January 7th) Michaela Pichler and Robert Glashüttner will play “Tanuki Sunset” in the FM4 Spielekammerl show, which - like every Thursday - takes place live from 5pm to 9pm on twitch.tv/radio_fm4. Stop by and chat with us!