Is the universe aware of itself

The question of the meaning of life

the essentials in brief

Evolution could do without a spirit. But we are proof that the universe has developed spirit. Mind seems to be a kind of law of nature. The universe behaves like a huge gravitational computer, which can only be influenced by the spirit over millions of years.

Spirit is not necessary

Before we get into any kind of all-encompassing mind, I would like to address the question of whether something like mind is even possible outside of a human brain.

The phenomenon of mind is physically neither explainable nor necessary. A computer does very well without a mind, i.e. without the ability to consciously experience, and today's robots can do almost everything that we humans can. From playing chess to autonomous driving. Evolution doesn't need anything like spirit either. Everything that defines the “survival of the fittest” could be packed into logical algorithms that could run soullessly on a bio-computer. That is also the reason why convinced Darwinists have such a problem with God and a soulful world. It is not for nothing that the behaviorists have come to the conclusion that one can completely dispense with the hypothesis of the soul in their models and that everything that is connected with it can also be dismissed as imagination. As already dealt with in detail in the article “How real is our mind?”, We experience in every conscious moment that this is not the case, that our individual experience is something extremely real, in the proverbial sense of the word, wonderful.

Are we the spirit of the universe?

We can of course make it easy for ourselves and answer the question about the spirit of the universe with a clear yes. Why? Because man undoubtedly has a spirit and is also undisputedly part of the universe. We arose out of the universe. Our mind is not outside the universe, but is part of it. Through us the universe becomes self-aware. And this awareness goes well beyond that of individual individuals, because the realization that there is a universe made up of quanta, atoms, molecules, cells, plants, animals, planets, stars and galaxies is not something that an individual is all about alone, could recognize. All the images that we associate with the smallest and the very largest in the universe are a collective cognition of all of humanity and therefore also part of our collective consciousness.

Nothing but an isolated spark

But it's not that simple either. Because just because a spark of spirit briefly flashes on a tiny planet, lost in the vastness of space, for a few moments - the existence of our species should not last longer from the point of view of the universe - does not mean that the whole thing is by no means Universe thereby becomes aware of itself. Yes, there are beings in the universe who have a spirit, but only when spirit permeates the universe can we say that the universe has its own spirit.

The mind is not an invention of the brain

But is that even conceivable, a spirit that pervades the universe and exists without a brain? Probably the most important behavioral scientist and Nobel Prize winner Konrad Lorenz provided a highly remarkable approach: "The fin of the fish is the image of the water and depicts its properties". The great science journalist Hoimar von Ditfurth spun the idea further in his book “The spirit did not fall from heaven” and concluded from this that biological evolution does not create any new phenomena, but only uses existing laws of nature. Nor did the wing invent flying, it is only an 'image' of the air, whose aerodynamic principles it uses. And so the brain is only an 'image' of the spirit that it makes use of. Since evolution is obviously not able to invent things without using already existing laws of nature, the only possible conclusion is that the principle of spirit must have existed before evolution. As discussed in the article on the transition from physics to metaphysics, the phenomena of quantum physics suggest that this is where the source for this 'Lorenzian' principle of the mind lies hidden.

What do quantum physicists say about it?

That may sound a bit esoteric, but it is the greatest quantum physicists of the last 100 years who support this assumption with very clear statements. Here are a few quotes:

  • Max Planck, Nobel Prize winner and founder of quantum physics said: "The existence of a cosmic creative force must also be accepted as an indubitable fact in science."
  • Werner Heisenberg, Nobel laureate and the physicist who succeeded in formulating quantum physics mathematically, said: "The argument that living organisms can only be explained with the laws of physics and chemistry and that there is no force of vitality does not agree with modern quantum theory."
  • Hans-Peter Dürr, winner of the alternative Nobel Prize and Heisenberg's successor as director of the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, said: “What we found at the end of all the sharing were not indestructible particles [...] but a fiery boil, a constant creation and passing away, something that is more like the spiritual - holistic, open, lively. "
  • Eugene Paul Wigner, Nobel Prize winner and quantum physicist said: "Quantum theory proves the existence of a universal consciousness in the universe."

How confident is the universe?

But how much does this seething spiritual potential of the quantum world say about a conscious spirit that pervades our universe. It could simply be a matter of a physical principle that, as electromagnetism has recently been discovered, is only used by us humans. Just as electromagnetism is not the same as electrical engineering, this quantum physical mental phenomenon is by no means a universal spirit that is aware of itself. Only electronic circuits turn electromagnetism into a functioning electrical device. It could just as well be that the conscious mind is only made possible by our brain. As our little experiment on ourselves has shown, pure mind is nothing but the ability to sense. He doesn't judge, he has no memories, he has no goals, he has no thoughts and no ideals either. Only the gifts to remember, to combine logically, to act with foresight and to derive values ​​from this result in a reflective, self-confident spirit. And that is exactly what we are looking for with the question of the spirit of the universe.

Mind becomes consciousness

Thus we are not only looking for the source of the spirit, which we have found with great certainty in the world of quanta, but we are looking for physical evidence for the prerequisites of consciousness of the entire universe. And these are the ability to remember, i.e. to store information, the ability to logically combine this information and ultimately also the power to put these thoughts into practice. And not just locally in the form of individuals, but across the entire universe. In the article Memory Without Matter, we saw that there is also the possibility of storing information without local, physical storage in the universe. All laws of nature must already have been immaterially stored in the universe before matter could even form. The light of the stars shows that it is even possible to preserve unadulterated information for billions of years without a physical storage medium.

The universe as a single quantum computer?

But is the universe also able to logically process this stored information without a biocomputer? As we saw in the transition from physics to metaphysics, at the quantum level we are dealing with erratic, elusive particles that defy all logic. Only through their mass, only through the law of large numbers, does logic arise, the principle of cause and effect arises. And precisely that, cause and effect, the logical processing of pulses, corresponds to the transistors that make up microprocessors. But individual logical functions are not enough, only the networking of all logical switches results in an electronic brain. And here, too, there are several levels of networking in the universe. At the particle level, we know the entanglement of quanta, which is, however, very unstable and the smallest disturbances cause it to decay. On the other hand, quantum computers work precisely with this entanglement and many microscopic processes, including mutations, can only be explained using quantum effects. Even if the entanglement of quanta is spatially unlimited, in nature, due to disturbances, entanglements will seldom endure over great distances. So it is unlikely that the whole universe will be a single quantum computer.

The force that creates order

Across the entire universe there is another principle that ensures networking, logic and order. It's the force of gravity. We can easily try this out. Let's take a handful of marbles and pour them into a glass. A little shaking and the marbles arrange themselves into a hexagonal spherical structure in a few seconds, as if by magic. It would have taken us a few minutes by hand, that is, over a hundred times as long. Ultimately, it was gravitation that ensured that the spheres were arranged in this closest possible sphere packing. It is gravitation that transforms our solar system with its planets into a perfect clockwork, it determines the shape of galaxies and it ensures that stars form from gas clouds. It is she who ignites the atomic fire inside these stars and at the same time ensures that these fiery gas balls do not simply explode and fizzle out into space. Our universe is a logical system networked on all levels, which with the help of the laws of nature has created a diverse world with intelligent life from the chaos of the Big Bang.

The power to act

So we have now found the principle for spirit in the quanta, we have discovered the possibility of storing information for any length of time without a storage medium and we have found out that the universe itself is a mixture of quantum computers on a small scale and a kind of "gravitational computer" on a large scale . But if this universal quantum mind wants to make a conscious decision, it has to influence the computer universe. Just as our mind must influence the logical processes in our brain so that we can speak of free will. As shown in the article “How can the mind influence our body?”, It is anything but easy for a mind from the quantum world to influence microscopic structures in our brain. How much more difficult must it be for a quantum spirit to influence the gravitational computer universe. If so, then only in those places where quanta have an influence, such as spontaneous mutations in DNA due to the quantum mechanical tunnel effect or in extremely unstable chaotic systems where we speak of the butterfly effect. So we cannot expect spontaneous miracles, if so, then only a very, very long-term influence in the range of millions or billions of years. As a result, this spirit can hardly be proven, since its actions are in harmony with the laws of nature. But that doesn't mean that he has no influence. In fact, according to the motto, constant dripping wears away the stone, it is one of the great main springs in our universe. More on this in the article "Is God really omnipotent?".


In summary, we can say that it is quite possible that our universe has a conscious mind. At least all the necessary prerequisites are in place. But when it really does exist, it acts in completely different dimensions than we humans can imagine.