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Does the dermaroller make your beard grow faster?

Ouch! Pricking your skin with needles sounds painful and makes little sense at first. Nevertheless, many dermatologists and beauty models swear by the effects of midroneedling. So what's behind that Micro needle roller?

What is a dermaroller and how is it constructed?

A Dermaroller looks almost like a small rolling pin from grandma’s bakery and it works in a similar way. Its simple structure makes it easy to use: a handle, a holder and the roller with the microneedles. The needle roller is equipped with the finest needles, which protrude vertically from the surface. These are between 0.2 mm and 2 mm long, depending on the area of ​​application.

For home use, needles less than 1 mm in length should be used. The longer needles are usually used by professional beauticians or dermatologists. The optimal length for home use is 0.25mm. While some Dermaroller have fixed heads for only one fixed roller width, there are also models with interchangeable heads with which wider or narrower rollers can be attached.

The tool is only complete if the user also has disinfectant. Non-sterile needles can quickly lead to infections, rashes, or allergies.

What types of dermarollers are there?

Disposable dermaroller

In the lower price segment, there are very simple dermarollers that are completely disposed of when worn, similar to disposable razors. Older models may have handles made of wood or metal. However, almost all current models are made of plastic.

Dermaroller with changeable rollers

With almost all common ones Dermarollers can use the rollers be replaced. Either to replace old rollers or to use different needle lengths.

In some models, the roller itself cannot be replaced, but the entire roller head is. This offers the advantage that the user can also use rollers of different widths to work on large areas or on hard-to-reach areas of the body.

Medical dermaroller

Medical dermarollers are either made of plastic and are chemically disinfected or made of stainless steel for thermal disinfection.

Electric dermarollers?

There are no electric dermarollersbecause the roller must not move by itself. Otherwise it would not perforate the skin, but scratch it, and that would not be in the spirit of the inventor.


In addition to the Dermaroller, there is also the Dermapen for selective use. With this, particularly affected areas of the skin are stamped at high frequency.

Beard roller

There are also so-called separately for beards Beard roller. These are slightly smaller dermarollers that adapt well to the shape of the face.

Different shape of the needles

There are also differences in the shape of the needles. High quality needles are round (conical) shaped. Cheap needles from mass production, on the other hand, are flat or square, sometimes even broken. These needles damage the skin cells at the edge of the puncture canal and can have the opposite effect than intended.

Does using the dermaroller hurt?

The Dermaroller for home use does not hurt when used correctly. The needles only penetrate the top layer of skin. This is not deep enough to trigger a pain stimulus.

The situation is different with the medical dermaroller. With needle lengths between 0.3 and 3 mm, these needles can penetrate deeper into the skin and cause pain. That is why the beautician or dermatologist will usually lightly numb the skin with an ointment or spray before use.

Dermaroller: how do you use it

1. Cleansing the face

Before the application, the face must be thoroughly cleaned. Preferably with a mild facial soap. Make-up, lotions, dirt and sebum must be removed thoroughly.

It is not advisable to use any agents directly during application, as they could irritate the skin during piercing. After the treatment, normal, high-quality care products such as B. our beard serum.

2. Now the dermaroller comes into play

The dermaroller is used on completely clean and dry skin without any pressure. The best recommendation is to let only the weight of the Dermaroller take effect in order to avoid skin irritation and scratches. The needles are moved back and forth five times, horizontally, vertically and diagonally, so that the same point is needled a total of thirty times.

3. Apply a rich care product

Since the puncture channels close again after a few minutes, a mild skin cream or care lotion should be applied immediately after the treatment for a deep effect. A light brushing of the care products ensures that they are worked deep into the skin. The nourishing ingredients can penetrate deeper into the skin immediately after microneedling and thus develop their effect better.

How does the use of the Dermaroller work?

With regular use, the dermaroller provides a firmer, healthier complexion. The skin looks firmer and healthier. By stimulating the production of collagen while the puncture channels are healing, the Dermaroller has an anti-aging effect.

Diseased or poisoned cells can also clog the pores and lead to blemished skin. The regular use of the microneedling roller ensures the activation of the skin's self-healing powers and can reduce inflammatory acne, pimples and blackheads and diminish scars.

The consequences of UV radiation and make-up, such as wrinkles and fine lines, are also reduced through regular use.

The tiny injuries to the skin now stimulate healing. The production of new skin cells is increased, as it were, the production of collagen (makes the skin firm) and elastin (makes the skin more resistant). The blood circulation is also increased, which also leads to faster hair growth can lead.

Does the dermaroller make your beard grow faster?

Resourceful beard growth specialists have discovered the dermaroller for themselves and created a smaller version: the beard roller.

In fact, it increases Microneedling treatment stimulates blood circulation and thus promotes hair and beard growth. It cannot sprout hair where it wasn't before, but slow beard growth and thin beard hair can be stimulated to grow more through regular microneedling.

Gentle, natural Beard restorer can penetrate deeper into the skin after using the Dermaroller and thus, when worked deep into the skin, develop their effect directly on the follicles. The risk of blemished skin under the beard is also minimized with the Dermaroller. The beard looks fuller, more beautiful and healthier.