Milk thistle is an effective hangover remedy

The best tips against headaches, nausea and intense bad breath - the result of a night of partying in the past. Especially between the years and on New Year's Eve, many people go crazy when it comes to alcohol consumption. Instead of the typical drugs, natural remedies can also combat the negative effects.

Reasons to celebrate can always be found. Then there is real feasting and partying, laughing and dancing until the early hours of the morning. The next day, however, the rude awakening often follows and the party-loving is haunted by the unloved hangover. The typical long-term effects are usually combated with the usual primary measures.

"Taking headache tablets is not always recommended after excessive alcohol consumption. Aspirin and Co. irritate the already bruised stomach," explains Isabell Goyn, health scientist and portal manager of the health platform "Better advice is usually given to those who resort to natural remedies," adds the herbal medicine expert and gives ten tips on how to get rid of the hangover quickly the next day or not to let it develop in the first place.

Tip 1 - strike properly before the party

In advance, the body can be pampered with an extra portion of carbohydrates in the form of pasta, pizza or burgers. The fatty diet slows down the absorption of alcohol in the blood. This means that you can continue to sin during the party: pretzel sticks or nuts also supply the organism with salts and minerals that the alcohol removes from the body.

Tip 2 - Colorful, tasty, but anything but lovely

Especially sugary drinks such as liqueurs, mulled wine, punch or sweet cream cocktails should be avoided. The term lovely can lead to an unpleasant surprise, especially with sparkling wine and wine - the fat head the next morning! It is best to stick to a drink that is low in sugar throughout the evening!

Tip 3 - a bitter bitters in between

But please without alcohol! Herbal extracts from wormwood, artichoke or milk thistle support the liver, stomach and digestive functions and can therefore reduce hangover effects. Isabell Goyn adds: "The herbal extracts that you can buy in the pharmacy are certainly an enrichment for your well-being, but unfortunately cannot guarantee that you will not feel unwell the day after!"

Tip 4 - stay away from cigarettes

Tobacco consumption should be avoided if possible. Nicotine lowers the alcohol level in the blood, so one is led to believe that one is not overly drunk. By consuming nicotine, one drinks more than the body can actually tolerate.

Tip 5 - a glass of alcohol and a glass of water

If you order an additional glass of water with every glass of alcohol - preferably still or tap water, you will replenish your reserves. Alcohol removes water from the body, which, if consumed in excess, begins to dehydrate. It is best to also drink a bottle of mineral water before going to bed, this is the first step against hangover feelings.

Tip 6 - hangover breakfast

The day after, the craving for salty food is enormous. Anyone who suffers from a sensitive stomach should avoid the tried and tested antidote - the rollmops - which is extremely heavy in the stomach due to its high fat content. Sour cucumbers, a classic broth or pretzel sticks are better. In this way, lost salts can be replaced and the acid promotes the breakdown of alcohol. Yoghurt or quark enriched with fruits and honey also helps the hangover. Here, the fructose in honey promotes the breakdown of alcohol and the fruit provides the necessary portion of vitamin C, which helps detoxify the liver. If you don't like it sweet, there is an alternative tip for you: A peppery Bloody Marry - without vodka, of course!

Tip 7 - peppermint oil

If you still struggle with a thick head after a long sip of water, you should simply drizzle a few drops of diluted peppermint oil on your forehead and use it to massage the neck and temples. That brings freshness, relaxes and makes your thoughts clear again.

Tip 8 - herbal aspirin

As a medicinal plant, the willow bark has been forgotten a little. It is, so to speak, the big sister of the most famous headache drug. Its main active ingredient, salicin, is found in synthetic form in aspirin, among other things. Dried as tea, dried willow bark can be a compatible substitute for the tablet. "Even an espresso with a dash of lemon juice often works wonders, as caffeine with citric acid can reduce headaches," adds Isabell Goyn.

Tip 9 - off to the air

You would like to stay in bed all day, but nothing there! Fresh, cold air blows many stubborn hangovers out of the bones and supplies the body with the oxygen it needs. If you are already sure of your circulatory system, you can go jogging instead of a leisurely stroll. The sweating drives the last memories of the night out of the body and the long shower or bath afterwards ensures that you feel like newborn.

Tip 10 - what helps against bad breath?

The unpleasant flag on the next day does not invite you to cuddle up. If brushing your teeth and gargling are no longer enough, the bad breath can also be neutralized by natural helpers. When chewing parsley leaves, the apiol contained in it neutralizes the unpleasant smelling germ cell. A few drops of lemon with mineral water also help to stimulate saliva production. Polyphenols in black tea, on the other hand, inhibit the bacteria that produce bad breath and if you put a slice of the all-rounder ginger on your tongue, you will also convince your partner to kiss again.