When is vibrato most effective?

Vibrator: which one is best for you?

Of course, a vibrator does not replace a man. Or have you ever seen a vibrator take out a garbage bag? Joking aside: Even if a battery-operated dildo doesn't replace a person, the search for the right toy is almost as time-consuming as the search for the guy.

But before you get tangled up in questions of size, shape and functions, you should first clarify for yourself what you actually want from your electro lover. We'll help you!

Why even masturbate with a sex toy?

Some women who have never used a sex toy to masturbate are probably wondering why they should be doing this in the first place. The simple answer is: Because it's fun! But there are even more benefits:

  • Get to know your own preferences: Sextoys are the easiest way to test which movements and stimuli trigger which feelings in your own body.
  • Test new things: You don't know if anal sex is really your thing? Just try it out with an anal vibrator!
  • Orgasm Booster: There are now even studies (e.g. from Northwestern University in Illinois) that indicate that women who use a vibrator to masturbate have climax more easily than non-users.

Okay, so there are plenty of advantages. But which toy should end up in your shopping cart or shopping cart? Here you will find an overview of the hottest models and purchase advice. (And here are a few other suggestions: This is how women prefer to masturbate.)

Which vibrator is right for me?

The fundamental decision is made. But which model should you choose in the dildo jungle? Not an easy task if you have had little or no contact with sex toys. We can change that: Our expert Jana Hack is Head of Product Management and toy tester at eis.de and advised us on the question of the right toy.

You should ask yourself these questions before buying a vibrator:

1. What should my vibrator be able to do?

First and foremost, you should ask yourself what exactly you want to focus on during sex with your new vibrator. Would you rather stimulate your clitoris or the G-spot? Maybe even both at the same time? Do you always masturbate the same way or do you love variety? Do you want to take the good piece with you in the bathtub? Does it have to be small enough for a handbag?

"The vibration function at Toys should be happy to have a few more options than 'on' and 'off'", says Jana Hack, "In the middle of action, you just have to press a button to get completely new waves of pleasure over your body Letting it slosh is a luxury. But whether you really need around 100 vibration programs, I dare to doubt. Nobody can keep up with that. "

These are the most common types of vibrators:

Classic vibrators: vaginal fun

Manufacturer / WH
Classic, practical, good: the "Cirro", the "Patchy Paul" and the "James Love Vibrator" (from left)

A real long-running favorite among sex toys is the phallus-shaped vibrator. Well-proven things last a long time.

What is being stimulated? Especially the inside of the vagina. But such a stick vibrator can be used in many ways: Clitoris, anus and breasts can also be delighted with it.

Suitable for A classic vibrator can be found in every bedside table drawer. Sex toy beginners in particular benefit from the toy’s versatility and intuitive operation.

Tip: G-spot vibrators, such as the green Patchy Paul, easily reach the hotspot inside the vagina thanks to the curved tip.

Which models are recommended?

modelThat’s what makes it specialShopping
Patchy Paul from Fun FactoryThis caterpillar is a good friend of many women: Paul is one of the most popular classic vibrators.To order
James Love Vibrator by James Love The inexpensive alternative to Patchy Paul has 10 vibration modes and is ideal for beginners.To order
Cirrovon Vou by AmorelieA luxury toy, not only thanks to its elegant look. The Cirro has an ergonomically curved shape and a lot of power.To order

Lay-on vibrators: clitoral explosions

Manufacturer / WH
Satisfyer, Womanizer and Laya II (from left) revolutionized female masturbation

If you prefer to leave the penetration to a human being and are more interested in clitoral orgasms, you should use the lay-on vibrator.

What is being stimulated? The clitoris. Either through vibration (Laya II) or through pressure waves (Womanizer & Satisfyer). With the latter, the clitoris is gently sucked in and then stimulated by pulsing and completely contactless.

Suitable for For women who otherwise find it difficult to orgasm. Or for everyone who wants to experience solo pleasure in a way that is perfectly tailored to the female body.

Tip from expert Jana Hack: "Make sure you take a pressure wave vibrator into the bathtub with you! Here the waves are even more intense."

Which models are recommended?

modelWhat is specialShopping
Womanizer ScarletThe Womanizer was the first pressure wave vibrator and thus a real revolution for the sex toy market. There are numerous versions, the Scarlet is the handy entry-level model.To order
Satisfyer Pro 2Same technology as the Womanizer, lower price: beginners can ignore the somewhat cheaper processing and immerse themselves in the world of pressure wave orgasms with the Satisfyer.To order
Laya II from Fun FactoryThe Laya II does not suck in the clitoris, but stimulates it with vibration. This has the advantage that the toy can also be used with a partner. Incidentally, Made in Germany.To order

Combination vibrators: double the pleasure

Manufacturer / WH
Best of both worlds: The Womanizer DUO, the Skipper and the Satisfyer G-Spot Rabbit (from left)

You can't or don't want to choose between vaginal and clitoral stimulation when buying a toy? Fortunately, you don't have to either. Combination vibrators, often also called rabbit vibrators, can do both.

What is being stimulated? Combination vibrators are inserted into the vagina, but can also tickle the clitoris with a suction device or vibrating elements.

Suitable for For women who want to try the ultimate orgasm experience.

modelThat’s what makes it specialShopping
Skipper by MoqqaClassic rabbit vibrator with a groove structure and a curved tip. 30 vibration levels.To order
Womanizer DUODouble the power with the luxury toy: The DUO has both a clitoral suction device based on the well-known Womanizer principle and a G-spot vibrator.To order
Satisfyer G-Spot RabbitHere, too, Satisfyer offers a cheaper alternative. Seven different rhythms provide you with deep vibes.To order

2. What material should my vibrator be made of?

The material of the vibrator is actually decisive, whether you get warm with the good thing or whether it disappears forever in the farthest corner of the bedside table drawer. You don't buy a sweater that scratches or that is extremely time-consuming to clean. You should be equally picky about the vibrator.

Vibrators are now made of a wide variety of materials, such as glass, plastic and even wood, but most are made of silicone. Good thing, because this material is skin-friendly, heats up quickly and it transmits vibrations very well. In addition, silicone is not porous and can therefore be easily cleaned with soap and water.

"If you want to get to know something new, I recommend toys made of metal or glass. You can put them in the refrigerator beforehand and get some inner cooling on hot days," says the toy tester.

Ultimately, you can only decide for yourself whether a vibrator feels good in your hands. To be on the safe side, going to a sex shop is definitely the best option. Here you can take the part in your hand and even sniff whether it smells unpleasant or artificially. As soon as you have felt how the good piece feels in your hands and at what size you feel good and safe, you will also have a much better feeling if you should ultimately decide for more discreet online shopping.

3. What should my vibrator look like?

What image do you have in mind when you hear the word "vibrator"? A softly humming, pink silicone dolphin? A flesh-colored, veined penis? Or something completely different? And does a vibrator have to have the shape of a phallus?

"The spectrum ranges from the almost terrifyingly realistic nature boy to semi-realistic to barely recognizable. Whatever you like is allowed," says Jana Hack. As for the size, the expert advises: "Just take an inconspicuous look at the real model the next time you have sex and orient yourself. If you are still unsure, start small and increase if necessary, because the size of a vibrator says nothing its potential ".

Ergo: Above all, a vibrator should make you feel good and not put you off by its shape, size or color. After all, you let this device get pretty close and use it to get hot and climax. So be picky. (Speaking of orgasm: everything about female climax.)

For example, if it is important to you to be able to leave the item on the bedside table without your mother-in-law looking funny the next time you visit, then choose a vibrator that absolutely doesn't look like what it actually is.

There are now several shapes that are more reminiscent of a lipstick or an egg timer. Would you like an example? The Lelo Ora 2 is an oral sex simulator that looks more like a futuristic sculpture than a sextoy. The pretty ring made of chrome and silicone mimics the movements of a tongue and provides a pretty wacky feeling in the whole genital area.

4. Does the volume of the vibrator play a role?

It should only get loud in bed when you moan with pleasure and not because your sextoy hums deafeningly. With some models, you'd be surprised how loud the little things can get. If the volume is similar to that of an electric toothbrush in turbo mode, the desire can quickly go down.

As a rule, the hum of the vibrator is somewhat muffled by the duvet. If you don't usually masturbate under a thick duvet, you should definitely consider the volume.

Manufacturers of high-end devices usually take this factor into account, whereas the cheaper vibrators often have some catching up to do here. Therefore, the same applies to the volume: test it out and keep your ears perky. If the sound gets on your alarm clock after half a minute, it's better to keep your hands off it.

5. How expensive can my vibrator be?

Apart from the fact that this is entirely up to your budget, beginners should perhaps start with a cheaper device to test whether vibrating in the genital area is something for them at all.

The more expensive high-end vibrators are usually around 150 euros, but they can also be a lot and have various additional elements such as a wide range of vibration levels, an extremely good battery life or the advantage that they are particularly quiet or even for the bathtub are suitable. (Crazy: These sex toys tend to scare us.)

Ultimately, buying a vibrator is the same as with all other purchases: In the end, it is largely your gut feeling that decides. How good that there are several variants of vibrators that have the right button (and head) for every imaginable mood and desire. Have fun trying!

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