What 3D printing companies print thermochromically

Filaments from ABS to z-Ultrat: almost unlimited possibilities for every 3D project

The 3-printing experts from 3Dmensionals have added other special products such as brassfill from ColorFabb and HDglass from FormFutura to their extensive range of consumables. In addition to classics such as ABS and PLA, 3D printing users can also easily order unusual filaments with real bronze, copper or brass, with a high proportion of wood or with phosphorescent effects online and receive them at short notice - thanks to the extensive warehouse of 3Dmensionals.

Whether engineers, architects, designers, prototype developers or model makers: Complex 3D projects can only be realized with the right filaments. Therefore, 3Dmensionals has specialized in addition to 3D printers and 3D scanners in offering a diverse selection of high-quality premium filaments.

"With 3D printing, prototypes, construction and spare parts, end products, small series, but also impressive works of art, sculptures and even pieces of jewelry can be made," says Uwe Krill, Managing Director of 3Dmensionals. “The prerequisite is that the right filament is used in addition to the appropriate printer. Thanks to different material properties and a large selection of colors, even complex 3D projects can be implemented in great detail. We already have more than 90 percent of our filament range permanently in stock so that we can supply our customers at short notice. "

3Dmensionals currently has over 100 different filaments on offer. Materials with a diameter of 1.75 and 2.85 millimeters are available. In addition to the classics made of ABS, PLA, PVA, nylon, PET, PET-G, co-polyester, wood, sandstone and flexible PLA, special materials such as T-Glass, HIPS, BendLay, MoldLay, PoroLay and Thermochrome are also available. The filaments are available from S to XXL in weights from 220 to 4500 g, depending on the make.

The portfolio of consumables is constantly being expanded: the range now also includes HDglass filaments from FormFutura, which are based on PET-G and are made of either ultra-transparent or opaque material. In addition, jewelry designers can now easily produce fine pieces of jewelry with real brass using 3D printing - the brassFill filament from colorFabb makes it possible. Objects from the 3D printer that not only look like wood but also feel like it? New materials made of coconut, ebony or olive wood create an extraordinary look and feel and even offer the corresponding wood smell.

Sophisticated manufacturing standards ensure the high quality and dimensional accuracy of the premium products. Thanks to the low tolerance values ​​of a maximum of +/- 0.05 millimeters, uncomplicated and error-free processing is guaranteed. However, the specifications of the different 3D printers must be observed.

“In general, the filaments can be used on any commercially available 3D printer,” says Krill. “However, every desktop 3D printer has its own characteristics and requires fine adjustments and optimizations, especially with regard to the processing temperature and printing speed, in order to achieve optimal printing results. To support our customers, we have put together important tips for handling filaments in our support area. "

The range is constantly being expanded. All filaments can be ordered in the 3Dmensionals online shop.


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