Is a diploma a good career choice

Studies and training to become an engineer

No other occupation today has such good prospects for a decent job as engineers. A few years ago it was different. Proof of the poor predictability of the job market and its future prospects. While engineers are now earning dream salaries again, years ago some of them still had to deal with looking for a job abroad or with unemployment years ago.

Today, a great many people rush into engineering training because the economy is crying out for you. One fact that every beginner should be aware of is the fact that this is of course always dependent on the economy. Basing your career choice on current market trends is therefore often the worst way to go.

In Germany there are around 320,000 people who have started studying engineering. Most of them in the fields of computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The Association of German Engineers assumes that there is enormous potential for the future, especially in the field of information technology and communication.

The proportion of women among the approximately 30,000 graduates each year is particularly low in Germany. The EU average is 22%, with Germany not even having 10% women engineers. But the economy has to see its own nose, because the proportion of engineers looking for work is very high at around 23%. Proof that women have worse chances here.

Engineer salary

The salaries vary depending on the industry and area of ​​activity. The starting salary is usually between 37,000 - 40,000 euros gross per year, with around 20,000 euros per year more being normal within a relatively short period of 6-8 years. A merit that puts other professions in the shade with their wages.

Training and further education to become an engineer

Nowadays in particular, more and more people are changing or saddling up, trying to get a permanent job with further training. Above all, manual and scientific professions are ideal prerequisites for this. The path, for example with distance learning, can be worthwhile if the diploma is achieved at the end.

Studying to become an engineer, regardless of the field, is still one of the best courses in the academic system in Germany.

Due to the national conversion of the courses to the European master and bachelor system, the diploma will no longer be awarded in the future. The diploma is roughly comparable to the master’s degree, but the study systems are structured very differently.
The switch to master’s and bachelor’s courses is almost complete. That is why the Dipl.-Ing. by no means old-fashioned, but it will belong to a species that is becoming extinct.

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