How should I plan my life

Lifestyle: How to plan your life

Most people have some sort of dreams, desires, and goals for how they imagine their lives to be. However, when it comes to how specific yours Lifestyle should look like, some people start pondering. John Lennon is said to have said: Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. Of course there will always be things that will come between you. It is crucial that you do not become incapacitated, but take your life into your own hands. How can that work ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Lifestyle definition: what is meant by this?

There are different meanings of lifestyle:

  • Core area of ​​private life

    This fixed term is part of German law and describes that part of a person's intimate and private sphere in which the state is not allowed to intervene. The Federal Constitutional Court decides to what extent something can be assigned to this area.

    It depends on various factors; For example, whether something is personal or concerns the community. Another aspect would be whether the person concerned cooperates voluntarily or has something to hide.

  • Lifestyle-Ethics-Religious Studies

    The Lifestyle-Ethics-Religious Studies (LER) has been a since 1996 regular school subject in the state of Brandenburg for grades 7 to 10, in which non-denominational, religiously and ideologically neutral lessons are held.

    The intention is to provide cross-denominational and interfaith teaching that enables learning and speaking about religious and ideological orientations. That is supposed to interfaith understanding contribute and promote tolerance.

    The students stick with it still the choicewhether they only attend LER, normal religion classes, or both.

  • Lifestyle as a synonym

    After all, the way of life is a synonym for ...

    • life itself,
    • Way of life,
    • Life form,
    • Way of life,
    • Way of life or
    • Lifestyle.

This article is primarily about the shaping of life in the latter sense.

Diversity of opportunities makes the decision difficult

As a happy citizen of a democracy, you can settle where you want. Anyone who decides from now on to try their luck in Königs Wusterhausen instead of Berlin can do so.

The Basic Law guarantees you that free choice of employment - something that was not the case in the recent history of the Federal Republic of Germany, namely in the former GDR. The state did not like the parents? Bad luck. For the next generation this meant, for example, not being able to study.

In this respect, one's own way of life became direct put a stop by the state. And interference with private life is common all over the world. In quite a few countries the state interferes in the sexuality of its citizens; a way of life with a gay partner: not possible because it is forbidden.

Or the parents marry off their underage daughters. Self-determination? Nothing. The birth in different boxes even prevents those affected from choosing their own friends.

Viewed in this way, people elsewhere can even shape their lives do not take it into your own handsbecause certain paths are directly mapped out by society and / or the state.

It was the founding fathers of the United States who were fed up with government paternalism. It is not for nothing that the United States is also called the “land of opportunity”. Most important part of the American Constitution: The Pursuit of Happiness, the right to Pursuit of happiness.

And being able to shape life according to your own wishes and ideas can be challenging, but it makes you happy.

The starting point: turning point as an impetus

Not infrequently it is crises that cause people to Thoughts about their life close. Sometimes it is the private environment that makes someone ponder, such as a divorce, children's difficulties at school. In other cases, a defeated illness or tragic accident can raise questions like the following:

  • Who am I?
  • Where do i want to go
  • Who is important to me
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What makes me happy

They are not always existential crises and conflictsthat make you think. Even comparatively unspectacular events such as a birthday that goes to zero can lead to a midlife crisis. Suddenly everything is called into question.

The same job for ten years - will it continue until you retire? The search for meaning in work or life is nothing new. Even the ancient Greeks philosophized about it.

The possibilities are comparatively new in human history. With the Possibilities for shaping your life however, the agony of choice also grows. All areas of life are affected:

  • How do I want to live?
  • How do i want to live
  • How do i want to work?

Lifestyle: plan or process?

There are people who have very clear ideas about what they want to achieve in life. These people are also familiar with defeats, blows of fate and crises. And yet they let themselves not easily upset. You have developed resilience.

It is a constructive way of dealing with crises and the firm conviction that you are in control of your own lifestyle, which distinguishes resilient people. Instead of falling into eternal wailing, wallowing in your own suffering and looking pessimistically into the future, they are true optimists.

Not in a naive way in the sense of “everything will be fine”, but in a fixed way Belief in your own strengths and skills. Their confidence tells them that somehow they have always made it and will continue to do so.

The extent to which your way of life is firmly planned depends not insignificantly on your values ​​and your personal constitution. Because of course we always are integrated into a social environment, a certain culture. Experiences have shaped you and have led you to adopt a certain attitude - towards yourself, towards your life as a whole.

This means that it is not the crises themselves that decide what you perceive as quality of life, but yours inner attitude to experience.

Analyzing the circumstances: 4 steps to shaping your life

In any case, shaping one's life is a process. People are getting older and the desires and Needs change in the course of life.

A young person has completely different ones Requirements and expectations of life as an older person who wants to incorporate considerations on accessibility and care for the elderly, for example, into their lifestyle.

Therefore, anyone who wants to deal with the way they live is recommended to make an analysis of the current situation:

  • Are you satisfied in your life?
  • Do you make decisions out of conviction or do you hesitate?
  • Do you find fulfillment in your professional activity?
  • Do you feel subject to external circumstances?
  • Is it difficult for you to define what you want?

We don't always have all the answers to our questions. However, it becomes critical when you feel completely to live determined by others. Whoever only fulfills his duties, meets the expectations of family, friends, and the employer, but does not feel any joy at all, is a hot candidate for burnout.

  • investment

    It doesn't help: you have to take care of it, nobody can do this work for you. If you want to shape your life, you have to invest time that is missing elsewhere. The easiest way to limit media consumption is to use television, the Internet and the like. Invest about an hour every day in which you grapple with your strongest desire. Do some research if necessary. Are you planning a job change, but you lack the qualifications? Then it is time for further training.

  • Self acceptance

    What are your failures, what are your successes? Accepting yourself includes accepting what is and, above all, what was. Did you quit your studies? Then that's how it is. You can grieve forever, but that is not effective. There will be a reason why the course wasn't right for you back then. Accept yourself with your strengths and weaknesses. And take responsibility for your own life. If you struggle with yourself at some points and would like to improve yourself, then you can do this in self-coaching or work out with an experienced coach how you can get ahead professionally, for example.

  • Energy sources

    Identify your energy sources: where do you get energy? What do you enjoy, what do you get lost in, forget the time around you? Are there ways to develop this passion? Can the hobby be turned into a profession? Or should this activity be retained as a balance to your job?

  • Energy guzzlers

    Identify your energy guzzlers: What is stealing your energy? Is it Toxic People that you are dealing with? Some people persist in problematic relationships even when they are not doing them well. When you have identified the critical points in your life, see how you can remove them from your life. Get rid of unnecessary ballast. Even if work makes you sick because you constantly feel overwhelmed or you can't get along with your boss / colleagues, it is not worth ruining your entire lifestyle. In that case, you should go back to the first point: invest time looking for alternatives.

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