How would you spend your 100th birthday

Celebrating a birthday during the Corona crisis?

There is one day of the year that is entirely dedicated to you: your birthday! Unfortunately, this year's birthdays are massively overshadowed by the corona virus. Celebrating your birthday as usual during the Corona crisis is out of the question. But how can you make something of this day when there is a virus around? Or how can you make the birthday child happy as family or friends without the risk of infection? With these tips and ideas it will be an unforgettable day!

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Birthday party during the Corona crisis

Celebrating a birthday during the Corona crisis is a little different than usual. Measures have been taken against the spread of the Corona virus. For example, the government is calling for people to keep a distance of 2 meters and avoid large groups. In addition, the government states that you should only go outside if you really need to. It is advisable to postpone these, especially at parties, birthdays and other gatherings. This means that the Corona crisis does not allow you to see family and friends on your birthday. Of course, you can still celebrate your birthday with your roommates, such as family members, your partner or the friends you live with. And the following ideas prove that there are many options for a great birthday during the Corona crisis!

We have collected various ideas for you as a birthday child, parent or friend.

Birthday during Corona: That's how you feel as a birthday child

If it is your birthday during the Corona crisis, your birthday party will probably be a little quieter than usual. You don't have to order four cakes or bake them yourself, and your house doesn't have to be tidy and clean to receive the visit. But how do you celebrate your birthday at this special time? How about one of the following great ideas?

Put on a great outfit and eat cake

What applies in general to life, of course, also applies to your birthday during the Corona crisis: It is a celebration! So choose your most beautiful outfit and hang up the garlands. Of course, the cake or a cake should not be missing to celebrate the new year of your life. Do you want to bring a little fun and humor to the whole crisis? Then toast your birthday with a Corona beer!

Treat yourself to a nice present

A new bag, VR glasses, this practical cleaning device for at home or a new game computer: what makes your heart beat faster? Give yourself something on your birthday to get a positive feeling. It is best to choose a gift that you can use directly, because then you will have a lot of fun with it even during the Corona crisis. And when you get it delivered on your birthday, it really feels like a birthday present.

Invite friends and family ... for a video chat!

Video calling is one of the most convenient ways to keep in touch with loved ones. So invite your friends and family to a video chat! Have everyone prepare a drink and some goodies ahead of time, and download the correct app if necessary. For example, choose the app House partythat allows you to make video calls and play games with up to 8 people. Available for Android and iOS. Do you usually have a lot of visitors on your birthdays? Then choose the app zoomwith which you can call a maximum of 100 (!) people. Available for Android and iOS.

Have a meal delivered to you by a Michelin-starred restaurant

Did you know that there are various starred restaurants that deliver a culinary meal to your home? And even at a fair price per person. That is fine dining without a special outfit! These restaurants offer star deliveries, among others:

Do what you want on your birthday

Your birthday is entirely your day, so you decide what you want to do. And while the options are a little limited now, there are still a lot of great things to have fun with. For example, watching your favorite series, doing DIY, drawing, reading a good book or organizing a game marathon with your family.

As parents of a little birthday child

Your son or daughter may soon be blowing out candles again, but are you afraid that the celebration will not be so great due to the Corona crisis? Of course, it will not be a children's birthday as you are used to, but there are still many great ideas to celebrate the birthday at this special time!

Surprise: a video call with friends

Unfortunately, you cannot come to your child's birthday, but your son or daughter's friends can still be there virtually. So secretly round up all the children to start a video call and surprise the birthday boy with it. If you also film it, your child can look back on it later. An unforgettable birthday!

Make the celebration as normal as possible

As for the visit, it will be a little quieter on your son or daughter's birthday. So make the day as normal as possible, especially during this time. For example, does the birthday child in your family always get breakfast in bed? Then do this again. Do you always sing a special birthday song? Don't forget to sing for the birthday boy or girl. In addition, garlands, balloons and gifts should of course not be missing. Let the birthday child choose what they would like to eat and put a bowl of delicious snacks on the table in the evening. It might not be your ordinary birthday, but that might make it extra cozy!

Play a game or watch a movie together

A living room without visitors naturally also means that there is plenty of time to do nice things together. For example, you can play a board game together, a game on the Nintendo Switch or watch a film chosen by the birthday boy or girl. A birthday during the Corona crisis is the perfect opportunity not to think about school or work for a while, but to spend time together.

Clown in the livestream

You may have heard of it: A clown who is watching the birthday boy over a video stream. So the birthday child is at home while the clown in front of the camera does his best to give him or her a good and fun time. This will be a big surprise and a special moment for the birthday boy.

Surprise the birthday child as a friend or family member

Were you invited as a guest on a birthday that can no longer take place due to Corona? Then there are lots of great ideas to still give the birthday child a great birthday! We have collected the following 7 surprises.

Congratulations with glass in between

Going to the birthday boy and congratulating him through the window is one of the options. Agree in advance when you are coming and take your cell phone with you to call the birthday child while you are facing each other - with the window in between, of course. And you deliver the ultimate birthday in Corona times to the birthday child if you also bring your own coffee and cake.

Collect video messages from friends and family

Very valuable: A video full of lovely messages from friends and family. So send a message to everyone who is important to the birthday boy and ask them to say congratulations, a reminder or something else nice in a short video. Then cut all the videos together one by one and make the birthday boy happy. Also great: Let the birthday child talk to all their loved ones on the phone!

Have cake delivered

Even if you can't come by, let the birthday child know it's their birthday! For example, have a delicious cake delivered to the birthday child so that he or she for a moment forgets that it might be a little less fun today than in other years. How happy would you be if a giant cake were delivered on your birthday?

Send a card!

It is super easy and appreciative to send a card to the birthday child. A message via WhatsApp is sent quickly, but a card is remembered for much longer. Now design a beautiful greeting card and surprise the recipient.

Do something unforgettable!

Having a birthday during the Corona crisis is pretty unforgettable, but how great is it as a friend or family member to make the day even more unforgettable? With the following fun ideas, the birthday boy will never forget this day.

  • Decorate the birthday boy’s house over the top
  • Make a hashtag trend like #nameeburtstag or #name29years.
  • Let your video congratulations go viral.
  • Send your congratulations through a banner behind an airplane.

Gift by post

Would you like to surprise the birthday child with something nice on their birthday? Then send a gift in the mail. Maybe you already had an idea what to give him or her? Buy this gift and order a matching card from Kaartje2go. Designing cards online is quick and easy. You can wrap the gift nicely and send it to the birthday child along with the card. So it may not be entirely personal, but the recipient has something to unpack.

Great birthday despite Corona!

With these ideas, the birthday child will have a very nice day this year, despite the corona virus! And especially recommend to the birthday child that there are many loved ones who think of him or her. And the next birthday will certainly be the same as in the old days.