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● History: Vibranium is a very rare naturally occurring meteoric ore that is believed to be of extraterrestrial origin. It is said to have crashed to earth as a meteorite over a million years ago. For the most part, it is found in sufficient quantities in the African state Wakanda. Vibranium is not as dense and firm as Adamantium, however, it is very durable and hard-wearing. Furthermore, it absorbs shocks and impacts much more effectively than Adamantium. It's also a lot easier Vibranium to process. For example, large parts of the Black panther Equipment made from the rare metal.

There are 3 different types of vibranium. "Wakandan Vibranium", "Anti-Metal" or. "Anarctic Vibranium" and "Reverbium".

● Wakandan Vibranium: The "Wakandan Vibranium" can only be found in the small African state of Wakanda. For reasons that are still unknown, Vibranium absorbs vibration energy from its environment and stores it in its molecular structure. If Vibranium is destroyed, it releases the absorbed energy and explosions can occur.

The existence of Vibranium has long been withheld from the world public. In the early 1940s, a small amount of vibranium fell into the hands of the brilliant scientist Dr. Myron MacLain. He experimented on various metals for the US government in the wake of 2nd World War. By chance he created an object with vibranium alloy, which later became Captain America's shield has been. Despite several attempts, he never succeeded in making such a metal again. However, he rediscovered the formula Adamantium manufacture which he the U.S. government provided.

Most of the vibranium in Wakandais located in a hill called "The Sacred Hill". Over the centuries it was established by the people of Wakanda and its king, the Black Panther, protected and veiled from the world. There were repeated attacks by mercenaries such as the scientist and later archenemy Ulysses Klaw. In his attack on Wakanda he killed King T'Chaka, thus became his son T'Challa the new king and black panther. T'Challa decided not to isolate his little kingdom like his father did and even sold small amounts of Vibranium. This brought Wakanda unimaginable profits, making the country one of the most progressive nations in the world. The country itself uses the vibranium for all sorts of purposes, via weapons, clothing, and even to make ice cream that doesn't melt.

● Anti-Metal [Antarctic Vibranium]: The so-called "Antartic Vibranium" has so far only been found in an isolated region in the Antarctic called Savage land found. Because of its properties, it will too Anti-metal called. For unknown reasons it has the opposite abilities of the "Wakandan Vibranium". It doesn't absorb the energy, it releases it on its own and weakens other metals so that they can even become liquid.

● Reverbium: The so-called "Reverbium" is an artificially created variant of Vibranium, which was invented by the scientist Sajani Jaffrey was created. It also does not absorb energy, but releases it. This means that objects in which Reverbium is built in or which consist of Reverbium can push away other objects or people.

● Name: Vibranium
● Origin:

● First appearance: Fantastic Four # 53 [1966]
● Creator:
Jack Kirby, Stan Lee
● Universe:

● Examples of vibranium

  • Captain America's shieldhas a vibranium alloy.
  • The costume of the Black panther and much of its equipment is made of vibranium.
  • Warpath's knife are made of vibranium.
  • The im Avengers Tower Processed concrete was reinforced with vibranium.
  • The X-Man Gentle uses vibranium tattoos to control his skills.
  • Misty Knights arm consists of Antarctic vibranium.
  • Some of HawkeyesArrows also consist of the different Vibranium variants.

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