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Competitive Programming AG

The Competitive Programming AG is a student AG that deals with training for competitive programming competitions.

Do you like challenges Problem-free, algorithms, math, data structures and above all programming? Then you are right here.

What is competitive programming?

Competitive programming is a brain teaser, which is usually carried out over the Internet or a local network, and whose participants try to write a computer program under given specifications, whereby the focus is mostly on mathematical or logical problems.

The program must produce a correct output for all the tests, in order to do this it only has a short time (time limit).

The judge (another program) compares the output with the correct output and if they are the same, the solution gets the judgment "ACCEPTED" otherwise "Wrong Answer". If the program crashes you get a "Run-Time-Error" and if it doesn't compile at all then a "Compilation Error". If the program needs too much time to generate the output, the judgment "Time Limit Exceeded" applies.

All judgments except "ACCEPTED" are "Rejected".

One of the oldest competitions of this kind is the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC for short), the origins of which go back to the 1970s and which is mainly financed by IBM.

Why is competitive programming good?

It makes you a sought-after candidate for large companies

Participating in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM ICPC) is a great opportunity to be seen by Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM and many other companies in the IT field. These large companies are constantly following such events and attendees to find talented people.

Why should you be interested in the ACM ICPC? Because it's the biggest programming competition in the world!

It makes you faster and more focused

Training and participating in programming competitions will make you a more disciplined, faster, and focused programmer.

You have to solve problems in stressful situations and in a certain time window. Participation in programming competitions not only improves your full concentration on a task, but also generally trains you in solving logical / mathematical problems. These skills are of great use in any job, not just programming.

Helps solve complicated problems

During the ACM ICPC you will have to solve difficult tasks that are not for ordinary programmers. As you train, you will learn how to solve these extraordinary tasks.

Improves your work in a team [edit]

Teamwork is one of the essential skills of computer scientists. With the help of competitive programming you can learn how to work effectively with your AG colleagues because the ICPC is a team competition where you and your team have to work together to solve the problem set.

Training and participation helps to prepare for a career in IT

It is not uncommon to receive job vacancies from companies immediately after entering a programming contest.

Entering a coding contest is something that you should definitely highlight on your resume. As mentioned earlier, through competitive programming experience, you can show employers that you can work in a team, solve complicated problems, work in stressful situations, manage time and deadlines, and minimize errors. It also shows that you are disciplined, focused, and quick, all of which are indispensable skills.

What does the CP-AG do? [Edit]

The CP-AG will organize training workshops in which algorithms are explained and implemented to solve problems.

The CP-AG will prepare an online training competition every 1st or 2nd week and occasionally organize offline training competitions in the computer rooms at the Informatikum.

We are always there for you if you have a question about solving a problem.

In addition, the CP-AG will try to organize the participation of the University of Hamburg in the ACM GCPC (German Collegiate Programming Contest).

What do I need to take part in the training? [Edit]

We have training plans for different levels of prior knowledge and skills. Therefore, only basic programming knowledge is required to start training.

please log into Codeforces because it is the main training page.

I would like to participate / participate in the organization [edit]

Send an email to 7shallou.

Weekly AG meeting [edit]

Not yet exactly determined for winter semester 19/20.

With which programming languages ​​can I participate? [Edit]

It depends on the competition or the online judge.

The allowed languages ​​for the ACM-ICPC are C, C ++, Java and Python (Python 3 and PyPy, similar to Python 2.0).

the online judges that are used during training









Important pages [edit]

The website of the German Competition (ACM - GCPC) -

The International Competition page -

The website of the North-West Europe Competition (ACM NWERC) -

Useful books [edit]

Competitive Programming 3

Contact person [edit]

Ahmad Shallouf (7shallou)

Matin Urdu (7urdu)

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