Herbalife or Amway, which one is better

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Hello Yvonne,

Thanks for your answer!

Yes, I think ... you are really right that it is very, very important to be in the & quot; right & quot; Group lands, as you already said.

While I cannot directly claim that I am in the & quot; wrong & quot; Group was, no, not that, but soz. & Quot; jostled & quot; have they (me) too! But it's also understandable somewhere if you want to move forward. Only the HOW is very important!
Examples: As I said, you & quot; must & quot; yes, these seminars in Meyerhofen (yes, exactly, they take place there and I / we were there too) and when I said that at this point in time, as they are taking place, it would not be right for me (at the time I was still in worked in the hotel industry and the seminars take place in spring and autumn and it was my turn to be there in autumn, and especially in spring and autumn it was high season in this hotel; that is where most of the conferences took place and then it was always full). So this explained to my sponsoring couple and the woman said to me if I didn't & quot; shovel free & quot; this appointment. could, she would open a competition, which would then say that I had just won this trip! I then declared that I was carrying out this & quot; scam & quot; would not participate - definitely not (!!!) - and that I would rather ask in the company, i.e. in the hotel, myself. No sooner said than done - and I got to this & quot; critical & quot; Time actually free.

And as I already mentioned in my initial section, Meyerhofen / Zillertal is really beautiful in terms of the landscape, but the & quot; were allowed & quot; unfortunately we don't look at each other ... So the seminar WASN'T BAD - and the participants were all very nice and personable; So there & # 39; s nothing, but sometimes I found the way ... hmmm ... very strange! So euphoria is all well and good and OK, but as I said, ART ... People drummed on the tables with enthusiasm, climbed on them and danced on them! I did NOT take part in THAT! Because I am still me and I will not let myself be bent and I am still far from doing everything! But let's get away from it, these people and such a seminar can sweep you away; that's probably true. But as I said, the way I signal my enthusiasm looks a bit different - a bit & quot; restrained / er & quot; euphoric.

And when you are at home again fully in everyday life and the total & quot; reality & quot; catching up, the whole environment and the dear fellow human beings are not quite as euphoric and enthusiastic - on the contrary - they are rather skeptical about the whole thing and are totally shaken and shocked by our actions and plans ... then everything looks very different again off, in other words, not so pink anymore, but rather gray / black, because the euphoric Amway advocates are then not always & quot; tangible & quot; in the middle of the gray everyday life. and immediately on the spot.

So that your & quot; platinum & quot; put down, is not possible at all! What is he actually doing?!?!? He would have encouraged you better; would have been much smarter ... and especially BECAUSE encouraging is THE strategy of the Amway business! And then I would certainly have stopped; So I don't have to do that to myself and put up with it!

And when I said I couldn't kickoff EVERYONE could come (just BECAUSE Sundays are often the main working days in the hotel and my & quot; real & quot; job was still more important to me than Amway ), I was also & quot; threatened & quot; that at some point my sponsors would no longer care about me at all ... well ... I wouldn't have cared either ... then I would have (at that time) probably other sponsors & quot ;. ; wanted & quot; and would then be in another & quot; line & quot; got in, as you might plan to do. Because when I'm so jostled, & quot; begged & quot; and even quasi & quot; threatened & quot; I can also do without it - and with such people as well!

In any case, I wasn't on a single & quot; kickoff & quot ;, which I don't regret, because that costs & quot; right & quot; every time. Money. Well, & quot; right & quot; Money may be a bit excessive, but it is not cheap either.

Then in the spring of 1999 I got a part-time job from home (doing surveys by phone) and then (of course!) Accepted it. The hourly wages were not really high (12 ex-DM per hour), but then I - doing this regularly (daily) - really earned money - in contrast to Amway - and then dropped Amway completely, but the products bought quite a while further. Then I became unemployed and could no longer afford it. But now I still have a number of products at home, and, as I said, they are great and really not bad - on the contrary - even if they are very, very expensive in advance. And yes, I am totally enthusiastic about the bleach and, as you say, you can & quot; do "a lot with it. Yes, the concentrates are very, very economical, that's true, but click that & quot; non-Amwayans & quot ;! They just don't get it - like a friend of mine - he ONLY sees THE PRICE - and he doesn't care about anything else!

Oh yes - last but not least - at times I not only had the & quot; wrong & quot; & quot; Amwayans & quot; but also the & quot; wrong & quot; Environment, in other words, acquaintances and work colleagues who have totally pissed off the Amway business and said: & quot; You don't earn anything with that & quot; / & quot; It CANNOT become anything either & quot; ... etc ... etc ... etc ... and said buddy did particularly well here.
But please don't get me wrong here; I don't want to blame them for the fact that the whole thing didn't & quot; work out & quot; has, but this eternal and miserable negative chatter also contributes to it.

I just don't feel like doing the Amway business anymore (at the moment ???), but I don't want to complain about it either, because that would be somehow totally unfair and unfair. Unfortunately, I just didn't make the money there as I imagined; It just took me too long and I just don't have the patience for it!