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Musical journey with the water stem organ

What is a tap organ, please? "We are also very excited. I have never heard of such an instrument," confesses Prof. Günther Dannecker, chairman of the school and prayer association, on Sunday. In the midst of the graphics by Martin Noll, an unusual concert was invited, music on a tap organ. Beate Gatscha and Gert Anklam are likely to be among the very few in Germany who use such an instrument during their performances. Which is not surprising, because the two developed it as a one-off in 1999.

Clock • Altlangsow
The occasion was the "Aquatektura" festival. The instrument is based on the principle of a well whistle, an old water level measuring device from the waterworks. Tunable plastic tubes are moved in containers filled with water. This also works in natural lakes or pools, assure the two artists. The blue tubes produce a special sound at their concert in Altlangsow. You move them rhythmically in buckets of water that are illuminated with blue light and thus underline the specialty of this way of making music. The artists elicit flute-like overtones from the instrument. The music takes visitors far away to Asia. Whoever closes his eyes feels transported to China or Japan, feels lightness, calm, serenity.
The two Berliners call their program "Liquid Soul" and promise music made of air and water. They combine their performances with saxophone, Asian flutes, the Chinese mouth organ Sheng and percussion instruments. All of them are ideally suited to fully develop the tones in the ambience of the Altlangsower Schinkel building with its barrel vault.
The two artists let the audience participate in a unique world of sound. The influences that inspired her while studying and working in distant countries are unmistakable.
Info: www.liquid-soul.de