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Linkin Park Underground & Hard Rock Cafe present: LPU Meetups

July 31, 2013

In the past few weeks there have been more self-organized meetings among Linkin Park fans and LP Underground members. In the future there will also be the official possibility to meet other LP Underground members, whereby the LP Underground will take the planning off your shoulders with the help of the Hard Rock Cafes worldwide. You can read exactly how this happens in the statement of the LP Underground:

Together with the Hard Rock Cafes, the Linkin Park Underground is proud of the LPU meetups to announce, a fun way for LP Underground members to come together and meet other LINKIN PARK fans from all over the world.

The LPU Headquarters are aware of how special it is to meet LINKIN PARK fans from all over the world, some of you have even organized your own meetups! This new partnership with Hard Rock Cafe enables LPU Headquarters to organize official meetings for LPU members around the world during the year.

At the start of the LPU meetups The Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood, located on Hollywood Boulevard, will be the first meetup on Friday, August 2, 2013 at 7 p.m. local time organize.

How can I get on that LPU Meetup: Los Angeles take part? LPU members simply reply HERE if they plan to attend, all you have to do is show up! LPU HQ employees will be on site during the event, after all for them it is also a meeting.

For the Los Angeles meeting, the Hard Rock Cafe is offering all LPU members a 15% discount on all food and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as the opportunity to purchase a never-before-seen Linkin Park Signature Series 31 t-shirt.

We hope that the LPU Meetups will create new friendships and capture the incredible energy of our LINKIN PARK fans. We hope to see you there!

Space will be limited so please register if you plan to participate!

Future LPU Meetups will be announced soon on LPUnderground.com.

A big thank you to all LPU members for being the best fans in the world.

You can also read the entire post again on the LP Underground read up as soon as further LPU Meetups are announced, I will report on them.

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LPU Sessions: Write, Record, Rock Out (US Only)

22. July 2013

For a long time it was quiet about Linkin Park and actually it still is, but an LPUnderground newsletter has just got into the mailboxes of the members, which is about the following:

If you are already an LPUnderground member, you have the chance together with Linkin Park, who is looking for a new sound, to record a song for the upcoming CD for LPU 13. The campaign is supported by Red Bull Studios and the Hard Rock Café, which buy you the trip to Los Angeles.

Brad says: “Not only do we generally share our music and art with the Linkin Park community, we also enjoy the opportunity to empower our fans to share their many talents with us. We look forward to continuing this tradition with the upcoming LPU sessions, a unique, jointly carried out music project. "

If you are not yet a member of LPUnderground, you can here become.

How does it all work?

Your song has to be written by yourself, the genre doesn't matter, that's completely up to you. You can be a band (with up to 6 members, more cannot qualify for the grand prize), a solo artist, DJ or any aspiring musician.

- Upload the audio of your own piece of music to your YouTube channel, but the video may only consist of a static picture of your band, the artist name or your logo. Please refrain from live or produced music videos. Don't forget to put your band / artist name and song title as the video title and, if you are a band, list all band members and their role in the band (e.g. Brad Delson - guitar) in the video description on YouTube.
- Go to LPUnderground.com/LPUSessions and upload your newly created YouTube link from today until August 4th, 2013.
- The LPU headquarters will listen to all submissions and reduce the field of participants to 10 finalists. These 10 finalists will be announced on August 12th.

The top 10 will then be shown on LPUnderground.com, where LPU members can vote for their favorites once a day from August 12th to 25th.

The 2 finalists with the most votes will win the main prize and will be announced on September 3rd.

The grand prize includes round-trip tickets to Los Angeles, a two-day hotel stay, a round-trip to Los Angeles airport, 2 days at Red Bull Studios with Linkin Park, a final party at the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood, and a Hard Rock Cafe gift package.

SORRY, this competition is only open to members of the Linkin Park Underground Fan Club who are legal residents of the 50 states of the USA (and DC), at least 18 years old and have not had a contract or similar with a record company or other third party in the last 3 years that represent more than one artist or band. The deadline is August 4th, 2013. To enter and read the Official Rules and Price Descriptions, visit www.lpunderground.com. The whole thing is invalid where it is (legally) prohibited.

Source: LPUnderground Newsletter, LPUnderground

LPU Chat with Brad: Summary

May 31, 2013

First of all, I have to say: Since Brad was fulfilling his duty as a US citizen and had to be present at a census (2020 Census), he could not attend the LPU chat personally, but was hooked up by phone. Adam conducted the LPU chat, who read him the questions, Brad then answered over the phone, which was connected via loudspeaker. Unfortunately, the entire chat was so difficult to keep track of and Brad was hard to understand, which detracted from the overall chat experience. But the following are the most interesting points of the chat:

  • Brad won't strip on the Sunset Strip Show and must keep at least 3/4 of his body covered
  • He wasn't surprised that people didn't recognize him while handing out flyers. Not even the employees of the Roxy on the Sunset Strip, where they were already playing, recognized them. He is seldom recognized and has to work to get people to take the flyers from him.
  • Chester & Stone Temple Pilots - he was on the MusiCares show last night and loved it. He thought the show was fantastic and has always been a Stone Temple Pilots fan.
  • Next album - they already have a lot of material to work on and he's really excited about the direction of the material and the unique identity it already has. The recordings and the studio are very worthwhile for him.
  • Funniest experience - when he was completing his census, he had to submit his shoe size. He was talking about a guy he met while handing out flyers who told Brad that he named his dog after Chester and Brad just replied, "oh what's your dog's name?"
  • Favorite band / musician - he loves things that make noises that shouldn't be music, such as noise
  • Who would he like to be for a day? Imagine Dragons, the entire band
  • The Mall - he's seen scenes from the movie and he admires Joe. He is very proud of Joe’s creativity and is happy to contribute to the film
  • He knits his own socks (sarcastically)
  • Something on MTV inspired him to play guitar (sarcastically)
  • Favorite places he visits on tour - making socks in fabric shops
  • He's had some crazy, funny and weird experiences on stage.
  • He likes Star Wars, but not as much as Joe Hahn. Phoenix has a surprisingly detailed knowledge of Star Wars.
  • For a show, he likes to warm up with planking and skating. (partly sarcastic)
  • He is very proud of his only tweet. He says it's one of the most standout tweets.
  • First song he ever played on guitar - initially he learned a lot of excerpts from Metallica songs, but it probably wasn't the first
  • Tips for New Artists - Work hard on songwriting, learn from songwriters and songs you love, take them apart so you understand how they work and then apply that to your ideas. Work harder than everyone else
  • Recording and touring are both good, hard work. Being in the studio is more natural for him and finishing a song is a reward. But playing songs live and soaking up the reactions of the crowd is rewarding.
  • He doesn't think people would see him as normal as he is very open to things.
  • When will Linkin Park return to Brazil? - He said they were just in Brazil but would like to go back there.
  • His favorite guitar is the one he always plays in the moment.
  • He would never argue with someone who says he is the funniest member of the band as he sees these people as very intelligent.
  • UCLA has a beautiful campus and he loves handing out flyers when people are not hostile to him.
  • He was asked what he would do if he had 24 hours to live, unfortunately his answer was not really understandable.
  • When he was a kid, he wanted to be older to be able to drive.
  • He enjoyed making all the albums, he named Collision Course, Minutes to Midnight and LIVING THINGS as favorite albums in the making process. He felt very inspired during the creation.
  • He doesn't decorate his headphones himself.
  • He was wearing a polo shirt that he got from a boutique. Mike made fun of it because it sewed a small pocket on it. He's also wearing corduroy trousers that have been remodeled into shorts.
  • He would like to tour with Linkin Park in the future.
  • His hair only bothers him when it gets too long, so he cuts it quite short.
  • At the end of the chat he thanked the people from the census, the LPU members and Adam.

Adam and the LPU are still working to ensure that the chat with Brad can take place again in person without having to connect him over the phone.

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LPTV - Going Old School: The Guys Pass Out Flyers For Their Show

May 31, 2013

As already known, Linkin Park will perform at the Sunset Strip Music Festival (SSMF) on August 3rd.

Since their first gig also took place on the Sunset Strip, they took this as a model and went on a promotional tour with fans. Not as you might think now with professional flyers and posters, no! Mike and Brad drew flyers themselves, as you normally only do for unknown bands, they copied and distributed them. But check out the video for yourself:

LPU chat with Brad Delson

May 24, 2013

The last LPU chat was some time ago, so it took place on January 23rd with Phoenix.

Now a new LPU video chat has finally been confirmed and this time Brad will have the honor to chat with the LPUnderground members. Brad Delson will be there this coming Friday, May 31st at 10pm CEST (1PM PST), but make sure to arrive early to join the chat before it gets crowded. If you are not yet an LPU member, you can purchase a membership at LPUnderground.com at any time.

Sources: LPU Facebook, LPUnderground

LPU Summit announced in Hong Kong

May 23, 2013

As you've all read, Linkin Park will be back in Asia in August. There have been some assumptions about where the next summit will take place, as you couldn't register for an M&G for this place.

Well, now the 9th international LPU Summit has been announced and it will take place on August 15th in Hong Kong! The past summits took place in London, Sydney, Chicago, Hamburg, Tokyo, Camden, Cape Town, and Auckland. And the possibilities at the summits are significantly greater than at any meet & greet.

The following activities took place at the previous summits:

- Meet & Greet with Linkin Park
- Before you enter, watch the band warm up on stage
- Backstage tours
- Run over the Linkin Park stage
- Try your luck in a raffle to have the chance to see parts of the show from the side of the stage or to take photos from the photo pit
- Bid on signed and rare items, such as a photo with the band, Linkin Park award badges, rare merch, and more
- Meet and hang out with the Linkin Park crew
- Meet Linkin Park fans from all over the world
- and much more!

The passes for the Summit will be available HERE on June 1, 10 a.m. local time. You can find all further information about the Summit passes HERE.

The summit will start on the morning of August 15th, the exact start time will be announced and will last until the entrance. If you want to take part, you should be sure that you have time on that day. If you do NOT show up, you could run the risk of losing your LPUnderground privileges.

All further details about this summit will be announced over the next few weeks.

Source: LPUnderground

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