Is the movie Tangerine realistic

Tangerine L.A.

Tranny Sin-Dee-Rella (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) has just been released from jail when her best friend Alexandra (Mya Taylor) tells her that she cheated on her friend and pimp Chester (James Ransone) while she was away has - with a real woman "with a vagina and everything".

The tough Sin-Dee does not want to accept that and mixes up the streets around Santa Monica Boulevard and Highland Avenue in her search for her rival. She grabs the supposedly guilty lady by the hair when she finds her and drags her through the city.

There is also the Armenian taxi driver Razmik (Karren Karagulian), who is also drawn to the trannies, but who is supposed to celebrate Christmas with his wife, child and mother-in-law. When he leaves the family celebration on the grounds that he still has to work, his mother-in-law soon follows him.

The threads finally come together in a donut shop, Sin-Dee-Rella finds Chester with her companion and, through his description, realizes that things are different. This leads to a confrontation with her friend Alexandra, but Razmik's double life is also revealed. - Quarrel, sadness and loneliness instead of Christmas peace break out, but in the end the friendship turns out to be stronger.

Sean Baker's "Tangerine L.A." is anything but ordinary. Not only the setting and protagonists fall out of the ordinary here, but also the carefree narrative style. Working with the iPhone camera creates a high level of authenticity and closeness. Nothing seems to be posed here, but without make-up and honest, this film, of course, comes from original locations on the street and not shot in the studio, is snotty, dirty, cheeky and always very funny.

You can't tell from the fact that this wild mix of rough, realistic surroundings and shrill comedy was shot with an iPhone. Because the pictures do not seem amateurish or cheap, but rather large and powerful cinema pictures from the streets of L.A. Baker succeed here again and again.

"Tangerine L.A." develops a rare freshness. but not only through the camera work and the varied and fast-paced soundtrack, but also through the naturally acting young actors. Baker also found his protagonists Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and Alexandra Mya Taylor right at the main location of the film, and their own stories are said to have flowed directly into the film. Baker follows them closely through this one day, telling them almost in real time, which reinforces the drive of the film and the closeness of the viewer to the action.

It goes without saying that such a film cannot be dubbed. Only the English original version with German subtitles is offered on the DVD released by good! Movies, the extras are limited to trailers for other films by this label.

Trailer for "Tangerine L.A."