Can we come by train without tickets?

Involuntary fare dodgers: It can be expensive with the wrong ticket

Passengers who are traveling without a ticket because of a defective ticket machine or who have forgotten their subscription ticket are also asked to pay for a check. However: Those who are not responsible for the "fare dodging" do not have to pay. This is how it looks depending on the situation:

Defective ticket machine

Passengers do not need to pay a contractual penalty if the ticket machine or ticket validator is broken and they therefore cannot buy a ticket or cannot validate their ticket. However, if there are open counters or several machines available, you are obliged to try to get a ticket at the other locations as well. Those who change trains also have to make another attempt to get a ticket at the local train station. Tip: Make a note of the time, location and device number and report the defect to the train attendant immediately. If possible, have your fellow travelers confirm your statements.

Important: You can usually not buy a ticket on local trains. This can be recognized by the note "Entry only with a valid ticket", which is usually on the vehicle doors.

Forgotten and lost tickets

If you cannot show your subscription card during an inspection because you have forgotten it at home, it depends: only a personal ticket that is made out in the name of the person entitled to travel can be retrospectively obtained from the transport company, which demands the 60 euros be submitted. In this case, only a small processing fee is due. In the case of a transferable ticket, the full increased transport fee of 60 euros is required. Single and multi-trip tickets that have been forgotten or lost cannot generally be shown later as impersonal travel authorizations. Important: After the deadline stated on the payment slip, subsequent presentation will no longer be accepted.

E-ticket not readable

If the subscription ticket could not be scanned during the inspection and the inspector therefore cannot determine whether it is valid, an increased transport fee will also initially be requested. In this case, you should have the validity of your subscription ticket certified by the transport company that issued the ticket and present this proof to the transport company, which demands the 60 euros. Experience has shown that the increased transport fee is then waived. To check the chip in the card, you should also have the ticket scanned by the issuing transport company and get a new ticket if the chip is broken.

Wrong tariff

Passengers who were incorrectly informed by an employee of a transport company and who are therefore traveling with a ticket at the wrong tariff do not have to answer for it. However, the chance that the increased transport fee will be waived in such a case is more likely if the customer can document that he was advised incorrectly.

Here it helps to write down the name of the employee or to name a witness who can confirm that the information in question has been given. Even if the ticket machine is incorrect, the transport company can waive its claim as a gesture of goodwill - provided that the customer can clearly explain that the correct ticket was not apparent to him.

If tickets become invalid due to tariff increases, the following applies: Tickets that have been purchased in advance and have not yet been canceled at the time of the tariff change can usually still be used for a transition period from the day of the tariff change. Passengers who are still traveling with "old" tickets risk an increased transport fee. You can find out from the respective transport company how long a ticket can still be exchanged under the old tariff status after the price increase has come into effect. The price changes are announced in the media (daily newspapers, radio) and at the stops or train stations.

Raise an objection

Anyone who thinks that the increased fare is being wrongly demanded should raise an objection to the transport company. The address of the transport company and the deadline to be observed are on the payment slip that the passenger receives during the inspection. This also includes the file number of the claim, which should be referred to when making an objection. Important: The inspection day counts towards the deadline!

Rejected objection

If the transport company rejects the objection to the increased transport charge, passengers can have their case examined by an arbitration board.

The arbitration is free of charge, taking into account the objective factual and legal situation as well as on a goodwill basis.

A judicial dispute is usually not recommended; unless you have a cover letter from your legal protection insurance