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Bauknecht dryer error code F04

The error code F04 on a Bauknecht dryer indicates that a heating or thermostat error has been detected.

In some cases, the fault can be caused by clogging of the lint filter or the condenser filter. You should therefore first clean both filters. You can then try to reset the dryer:

  1. Pull the plug out of the socket while the control panel lights up. Turn the knob to 6 o'clock (the dot should point to the gap). After 15 seconds, plug the plug back into the socket.
  2. Press Start / Pause three times
  3. Turn the knob 1 click clockwise (the dot points to ventilation).
  4. Press Start / Pause three times

If this doesn't solve your problem, the most likely error code F04 is caused by a faulty heater or thermostat. Measure with an ohmmeter on the thermostat and on the heater - the part where you do not measure resistance is defective.

Here you will find a new heater for your Bauknecht dryer and here a new thermostat for your Bauknecht dryer.

Also watch our video tutorial, which shows how you can easily replace the heater in your dryer yourself.

Replacing the heater in the dryer