Are eBay Products Good Or Bad

eBay introduces product ratings and reviews. These are already available on the American eBay marketplace, and are now gradually following them on the German marketplace. Customers can now submit reviews for products and thus leave important information to potential other buyers of these products.

What are the product reviews on eBay for?

The new system, with which buyers on eBay can now rate products, has five main objectives:

  1. Increase sales opportunities (after all, 82% of all Internet purchases are directly influenced by product reviews *)
  2. Strengthening trust and credibility (buyers trust offers with product reviews 12 times more than those without *)
  3. Ease of purchase decisions (experience has shown that buyers make their purchase decisions faster and easier based on product reviews)
  4. Reduction of product queries and fewer returns
  5. Clear separation of seller and product within the ratings (so far, only seller-based ratings could be submitted for the accuracy of the item description, satisfaction with seller communication, the speed of delivery and the appropriateness of packaging and shipping costs)

How exactly do product reviews work on eBay?

eBay gives the possibility for customers to give a 5-star rating for corresponding products. A customer can not only make specific statements about what he found good or bad about a product, but also answer the category-specific questions in a short form with “yes” or “no”. The average of all ratings submitted is then visualized using a 5-star graphic and displayed prominently directly under the product title on the product page.

In addition, this star rating with the detailed rating texts is displayed again at the end of the respective product page.

These reviews are not about commenting on the seller or the transaction, just about the product experience a customer had with that product.

EBay adds a distinction so that the reader can distinguish between a verified and an unverified buyer. Product reviews are currently possible for users who have not proven to have bought the product on eBay. Such a rating is marked accordingly by eBay so that verified buyers are clearly recognizable (reviews from users who have bought the product are marked as "Confirmed Purchase: Yes" and reviews from users who have not bought the product on eBay, are marked as "Confirmed Purchase: No").

The quality of the reviews is checked by various eBay mechanisms before publication, not only in the draft phase, but also after the review has been sent.

What do retailer-independent product reviews mean for eBay retailers?

  • A great way to get more customers with positive product reviews
  • The chance to increase your sales through good product reviews, because you make the purchase decision easier for potential buyers. According to surveys, 82% of all internet purchases are directly influenced by product reviews *
  • Building Your Credibility
  • Reduce the potential for product queries and returns. If important questions about the product have already been answered by other buyers, fewer product queries are necessary and more precise product information also results in a lower return rate
  • A clearer separation between your performance and product performance. By being able to evaluate specific products, there is now a clear separation between the evaluation of your sales performance and the evaluation of the purchased product

Three tips retailers should consider for eBay product reviews:

  1. Maintenance of the article data - Another call to continue to enter your own product labels and item characteristics, because product ratings and reviews are only possible on eBay if product labels and item characteristics are included in your offers and these comply with eBay guidelines (picture standards, meaningful item names, precise item descriptions)
  2. Customer communication - Encourage your satisfied eBay buyers to rate your products positively. This can really pay off for you, then prospective buyers trust offers with product ratings and reviews twelve times more than offers without *. Our tip: Include a nicely worded request with your eBay shipments to submit a product review for your product. EBay provides a template (PDF) for this, but you can adapt it to your needs.
    Why not combine this request with other information, such as special offers, a voucher that can be redeemed the next time you order a catalog or online, or just a personal thank you for the purchase?
  3. control - Check the product reviews received for your articles regularly, at least you should check the reviews of your most important products. In the event that a customer has given an inappropriate product rating or review on one of your offers, you can report this to eBay (via the "Report" button next to each review) and request a correction. Inappropriate reviews are e.g. the evaluation of your performance and not that of the product or a criticism that contains offensive content or links.

What are your previous experiences with eBay product reviews? Do you have any tips on how to deal with it?

* Source: eKomi, 2015

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