Who should be shortlisted for Juventus?

Is there a transfer alliance between Bayern, Juve and Real?

The German-Spanish-Italian soccer triumvirate sold and bought a total of nine superstars among themselves. The soccer analysis agency Socanalysis raises the question of a transfer alliance between the three record champions - an idea that, on closer inspection, cannot be swept off the table.

In 2014 Alonso and Kroos swapped clubs

But from the beginning. The change from Toni Kroos from FC Bayern to Real Madrid in mid-July 2014. For today's ridiculous sum of 25 million euros, he left Säbener Strasse after the Munich team hadn't presented him with an adequate new contract offer. A transfer that is difficult for the few who mean well with Bayern to this day.

A month and a half later switched instead Xabi Alonso from the royal to FC Bayern. "The club didn't want it, I was the one who wanted it," the Spaniard announced at the time. He took responsibility for the farewell to the Real fans, while the club had turned a lot on the transfer carousel. Toni Kroos came to Madrid in exchange for Alonso.

In addition, were two friendlies agreed. The income from the 2016 encounter should have flowed into the Bayern coffers, while those from the test in 2017 should have flowed into real coffers. The latter took place in New York and, incidentally, probably helped both clubs to further develop the US market.

Transfer of Robert Lewandowski: Another swap is conceivable

No sooner had the overall Alonso / Kroos package been processed than the next deal was signed and sealed in 2017. James Rodriguez came on loan to FC Bayern. It is already speculated that the Munich-based company will pull their purchase option at the end of the 2019 loan period. Otherwise, among other things, in conversation: A return to Real.

Either way, an additional transfer between the two clubs would be quite conceivable. Robert Lewandowski would certainly be the hottest candidate for another swap, too David Alaba is traded every now and then. After the World Cup bankruptcy, the Pole will probably stay at Säbener Strasse for the time being, but after that his future is still open. By the way: Of all people, Xabi Alonso, who is now a youth coach at Real, recently advised Lewandowski to stay with Bayern - at least for the time being.

Benatia and Coman 2017: Bayern and Juve both pull their purchase option at the same time

A similarly curious connection between the transfers cannot be dismissed when looking at the change history between Bavaria and Juve. 2015 came Kingsley Coman on loan to Munich. A year later it ran Medhi Benatia the other way round. Both players had a purchase option - which was then drawn at the same time on July 1, 2017. Coman stayed in the Bundesliga, Benatia in Italy.

Change from Arturo Vidal to Bayern: Dislikes suddenly dropped

Already at Arturo Vidals Moving from Juventus Turin to Munich in 2015, the two clubs had apparently put their disputes aside. In 2011, Vidal Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge were angry. The almost perfect signing of the Chilean from Leverkusen had failed at the last moment, instead Juve had been awarded the contract.

Rummenigge at the time: "I don't regret at all that Arturo Vidal didn't come. I don't want players like that at Bayern. Vidal is now playing at a club that suits him perfectly." In 2015, the Bayern boss suddenly saw it very differently. Leverkusen was to blame for the failure of the move in 2011 - not Vidal, not Turin. The fundamental questioning of Italian morality seemed to have been forgotten.

An exciting connection can also be found between Juventus Turin and Real Madrid. Until recently, this manifested itself in a player: Alvaro Morata. But the transfer of the Spaniard was tough - several times! In 2014, the 25-year-old moved from Madrid to Serie A, and in 2016 he took the opposite path from Juve to Real.

After another move from the Spanish record champions to Chelsea, he stepped violently towards Real. Accordingly, he would have preferred to stay in Italy, but would have had no choice due to a contract option. The possible buyback was not only taken into account by Real, but also by Juventus. Nevertheless, the Italian champion did not fall into Morata's favor. A meeting with the Turin sports director only fueled new rumors of change.

Change from Cristiano Ronaldo to Juve: Young tradition continued

The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real to Juve is currently fitting seamlessly into an, admittedly young, tradition. He says goodbye to a record champion - and goes to the next. In view of the past transfers, it is no wonder that CR7 had also expressed interest in FC Bayern, according to the Spanish sports newspaper as. The highly regarded candidates Paris St. Germain and Manchester United were apparently not shortlisted.

Transfer alliance between Bayern, Juve and Real?

So is it true that FC Bayern, Juventus Turin and Real Madrid work closely together? In fact, there is more than one abnormality in the period studied by Socanalysis. This cannot be explained solely by the fact that top players want to go to top clubs. Bayern, for example, had no transfers with the financially strong French champions Paris St. Germain, Real only had one deal. Only Juventus with at least three changes is in lively transfer contact with PSG.

Der Spiegel recently commented that Bayern had simply missed out on a good deal because they didn't get Ronaldo. It is unlikely that it was not the direction of the club, but the connection with Real and Juve that was decisive, but at least conceivable. In any case, the connection between the three top clubs is striking. So it remains to be seen which transfers will develop, there are enough rumors about possible further changes.

Source: TZ | SocanalysisHQ