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Water sports insurance tariffs

Water sports liability insurance


  • The ADAC water sports liability pays up to one Insured amount of € 15 million for personal injury and property damage including € 250,000 for financial loss. Exception: For liability claims asserted under US and Canadian law, the maximum compensation - regardless of the place of jurisdiction - amounts to € 1,000,000 for personal injury and property damage and € 100,000 for pecuniary damage.
  • Chartered water sports vehicles are also insured in ADAC water sports liability for up to four weeks per insurance year, provided they are of the type (motor or sailing boat) of the insured water sports vehicle and have a maximum of 500 hp engine or 100 m2 sail area.
  • Rental property damage: For private storage of the boat, rented parking spaces and jetties are insured against damage or destruction. A maximum of € 200,000 is paid per claim, limited to a maximum of € 400,000 per insurance year. The policyholder bears a deductible of € 150 per claim.
  • Liability loss coverage: If you suffer damage from a third party and this third party cannot meet your claims for damages, we will regulate the damage incurred from an amount of € 2,500.
  • Additional protection:
    The insurance cover also extends to:
    • the liability from the use of dinghies of the vehicle up to 50 HP / 36.8 kW.
    • liability arising from the exercise of sports with the water sports equipment and diving equipment belonging to the vehicle, provided that this occurs in connection with the use of the water sports vehicle. There is no insurance cover if and to the extent that another insurer is liable to pay benefits, e.g. private liability insurance (subsidiary cover).
    • liability for direct or indirect consequences of changes in a body of water (please note exclusions).
  • Trailer insurance: Insurance cover also exists for the trailer, which is not subject to the regulations on the approval process and is therefore exempt from the insurance obligation.
  • ADAC members receive a discount of 10%.
  • Security deposit abroad: In the event of an insured event abroad, a security deposit of up to € 50,000 is provided.

Excluded risks in water sports liability:

  • Boats that are more than 50 years old when the insurance was taken out
  • boats registered abroad