Which is WWE's largest event

* Breaking * "WrestleMania 36" takes place: WWE lets the biggest event of the year rise in the Performance Center! All information about the "ManiaGate" - WrestleCon cancels all shows too

Honestly? As some of you are talking about, it is very upset, no idea about the virus but trumpeting around.

There were exactly 2 options, rejections, or without an audience, nothing else.

Move? By when? Anyone who has even a clue and is informed knows that we are far from the top when it comes to Corona. This is still at the very beginning and the spread is only just about to start. It is autumn until the “dust has settled”. You can start with the road for Wrestlemania 37 right away.

Yes, the virus is not particularly dangerous, only for those who are already severely weakened (like any other disease) but it would be a huge problem if everyone were infected at the same time, you can already see everyone going crazy, hoarding food and toilet paper and the vulture knows . Schools are closed, hardly anyone is working anymore, the doctors are already issuing sick notes on the phone ... But letting Wrestlemania take place without a spectator is ridiculous?

Turn down a few gears and first think carefully ...

The whole of 2020 will keep us busy for the whole of 2020, to the extent that completely different things will be affected than just "entertainment"

There are only 2 options, and Vince decided to do it that way, I can't understand why it would be better to cancel now.

It's going to be a special World Cup, but it doesn't have to be a bad one (even if I have to say that the card doesn't exactly promise top matches) will be quite interesting, even the Smackdown edition was very interesting, not really great, but somehow something completely different and still entertaining. Wasn't bad, I'm curious what WWE will come up with to make this event as good as possible for the audience.

Cancellation or no spectators, neither of which are great alternatives, but Vince didn't have a third option.