What are some country songs about heroes

Heroes have been celebrated by musicians as noble, brave contemporaries for centuries. The medieval rock band "Nachtgeschrei" turns the tables on their new album and sings about the dark side of daring deeds in the song "Heldenmut". PJZ author Leoni Dowidat spoke to band member Martin LeMar.

What exactly do you want to express with the song "Heldenmut"? After all, you start with a rather critical interpretation of the hero term in the number.

LEMAR: And that was exactly my intention. It starts with what everyone associates with the concept of the hero. Is it the fearless dragon slayer, the noble warrior, or is it rather someone who does not exercise caution and who throws himself against every danger? For me, a heroic deed is a purely selfless act. But such an act always has a price. And this is what the song is about on the one hand, and how unempathetic we as a society sometimes deal with heroes.

How did the song come about and who was involved in making it? Musically, the song is one of the heaviest and heaviest pieces on the new album. Was that planned in view of the topic or did it develop with the songwriting?

LEMAR: In fact, I had written the lyrics when the framework, the riffs and the heaviness of the song were already done. Oli (electric guitar) provided the riffs and parts, which I then pushed around until I had the structure of the song together, then I sat down on the vocal melody and lyrics. I've wanted to implement the theme itself for a long time, and the song fit like a fist.

No fairy tale uncles

Many medieval bands take up the subject of “heroes” in the classic sense: Why are you taking a different path?

LEMAR: Alone, because we are not fairy tale uncles and actually distance ourselves from all the romantic medieval stuff. It is much more important to us to express what moves us, what we feel and also to refer to current events. To see us as a pure medieval band would be a blatant mistake. Musically and lyrically. When I think of heroism, I mainly think of everyday heroes, such as firefighters, police officers, rescue workers or soldiers.

Heroes need help too

"It is only a small step for you to the side and we will carry you back into the light," they say. Can one also see some of this as an appeal to seek help as a hero (e.g. PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder)?

LEMAR: And there we are with the main theme of the song. It's actually about PTSD. Which, by the way, is more common than some think. The occupational groups I have just mentioned are most often affected. But also train drivers. Statistically speaking, there is hardly a train driver who can avoid someone running onto the tracks in front of the train with suicidal intent. My grandfather had even experienced three such suicides. Some put it away, others are extremely stressed. And sometimes we should think to ourselves why some people do such jobs and whom they are helping with. Rescue service workers, soldiers, etc., in particular, do not meet the definition of a hero out of selfish intent. And that's precisely why we as a society should be ready to support our heroes and bring them back to light when post-traumatic stress leads them into their darkest hours.

What makes a true hero for you?

A hero is someone who is willing to trade his integrity for that of others without thinking of a reward or said prize. ·

Yesterday, “Tiefenrausch”, the new album from “Nachtgeschrei” was released. On March 16, the band will play in Frankfurt's “Nightlife”.