What's your favorite park in Nevada

Las Vegas - my tips for your stay

Las Vegas, the city of casinos, wild parties, hangovers and beautiful women. Or the city that never sleeps. The city really flashed me on my first visit. The many lights, the many people, the casinos that never stand still, the sense of time that you lose. In general, the city was too crowded for me, too big and too far to go and generally too expensive. But I still think that a trip to Vegas is worth the trip. Now I want to show you my highlights in Las Vegas.

The casino mile

We walked up and down the casino mile and also took a look at the inside of some of the casinos. What convinced me most from the inside was the beautiful Venetian (which really looks like Venice), the Caesers Palace and the Circus, Circus, a little outside. In the circus, circus there are constantly free shows by circus artists etc. and shooting galleries like in an amusement park. The best shopping mile is at Caesers Palace, where there is a complete shopping center. But the other casinos are all worth seeing from the outside as well as from the inside. The Bellagio, for example, has a wonderful ornate flower display, the New York, New York is really reminiscent of New York, and the Hard Rock Casino and Cafe bring legends to life.

The water features and the inner garden at the Bellagio

The Bellagio has become world famous at least since the Oceans films. The casino hotel has similar things to offer as the other casino hotels, but there are some more special places there.

There are shopping areas in the side corridors of the building. A highlight at the Bellagio, however, is the garden in the building, which is completely rebuilt every couple of weeks with a new theme.

The fountains at the Bellagio are of course world-famous and we have seen them several times to a wide variety of music. A great show! The show is played every half hour and lasts 5-10 minutes.

The Las Vegas Sign

Once in Vegas, every tourist naturally wants to go to the Vegas sign, which is located on both sides of Vegas. We went there by car, there are a couple of parking spaces right next to the blackboard. Once there, you have to wait a bit to get your photo because the rush is of course immense. If you are traveling without a car, I would recommend an Uber ride.

Stratosphere Tower

With a height of 350m, the Stratosphere Tower is America's tallest stand-alone observation tower. Unfortunately, I've never made it up there, but I know a lot of friends who have enjoyed the view from the Stratosphere Tower. Apparently the view from the top is supposed to be fantastic, which I can well imagine. For the brave there is also a ring game and various other crazy things.

Travel tips for Las Vegas

Overnight in Las Vegas

In general, the hotels in Las Vegas are very cheap during the week because the hotels hope that people will then leave more money to play. On our first stay at the Luxor Casino, as far as I remember, we paid around 17 euros per night, per person - for a spacious room relatively high up, with a beautiful view. I have also been to Hard Rock, which I can highly recommend (especially the pool area), and for New Year's Eve we had rented a motel room because the prices were horrendously expensive. In general, everything is cheaper in Las Vegas on the weekend.

Transportation in Las Vegas

We drove everything in the classic American style by car, or sometimes walked. But there is also a train that travels across the city and also buses

Entertainment in the party town

In general there are many entertainment programs, all kinds of singers and bands, Circque de Soileil, the Chippendales and much more can be visited. Here, too, because we weren't really interested in anything and everything was very expensive, we decided not to look at anything. Tickets can be bought everywhere.

Parties in Las Vegas

So far I have always been to Las Vegas in winter, unfortunately there are no pool parties, because I would have liked to have seen them. Some friends were at the parties in the MGM in the summer and they were always pretty enthusiastic. At night there are of course many clubs that are open all the time and where you can watch world-famous DJs live. The entrance fees are usually quite expensive, especially compared to Austria, as are the drinks. It is therefore advisable to pre-drink a little if you want to go out.

Playing in the casino

You are only allowed to play in the casino if you are of legal age (21 years of age according to American law). As long as you play, you can order drinks for free. We had a lot of fun (and a lot of drinks) - we mostly played a bit of roulette and some of the machines were called "one-armed bandits" as they used to be called. And we were lucky and both made some money. There are no dress codes, by the way, but you should be dressed appropriately, which for some is an invitation to just be dressed at all.

Attractions around Las Vegas

Even if Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert and therefore relatively far away from the beaten track, there are still many things to see in the vicinity. The Red Rock Canyon half an hour from Vegas is a small national park with red rock. One hour before Vegas is the Valley of Fire, my all-time favorite park in Nevada. You will also find the Hoover Dam and the largest reservoir in the USA, Lake Mead, not far from the city. If you have a little more time with you, I can also recommend a trip to the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon or Death Valley National Park.