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Hello, I would like to equip my high voltage sources, dividers, etc. with reasonably reasonable sockets. These are voltages up to 10kV and it is only about DC. In the professional environment I use 10kV coaxial sockets and plugs from KINGS (10kV SHV). However, a plug / socket combination costs more than 100 €. That's too much for me for private gimmicks. Coaxial would be desirable for safety reasons. It would be enough for me if it was only safe when connected. Does anyone have any idea what you can take?

Phil wrote:> Does anyone have any idea what to use? Look at LEMO. But I don't know if they are more affordable, you probably have to inquire. George

Hello not exactly cheap, but much more affordable: Coaxial sockets / plugs from the HF power range -? http://www.kabel-kusch.de/alt%20index.htm offers quite a lot - quality has always been flawless until now - prices are higher than with any E-Bay providers but still cheaper than the typical professional suppliers. Of course, a lot of research is still necessary (manufacturer data sheets) whether it is really sufficient - whereby 10kV is still relatively easy to trade under laboratory conditions and when not under voltage (and it is only about the low-power range) (at least if you are professionally trained and at home without BG ...) Otherwise possibly precious residue recyclers like Singer. Or search for an e-bay and then generally under high-voltage accessories, devices, etc. - maybe you're lucky and some laboratory is mucking out. man

Coax connectors are reasonably inexpensive only because of the high number of pieces (and sometimes poor quality). HV versions generally cost much more because of the much lower number of items, e.g. HN https://www.pasternack.com/nsearch.aspx?Category=Connectors&sort=y&Rfinco99con1series=HN&initial_sort=Sortsku:ASC&res_per_page=48&view_type=grid That leaves only the bargain hunt in the big auction house .

Take a look at the 4 mm sockets (banana plugs). There are some that are specified for 1000V, CAT IV. CAT IV can have a peak voltage of 12kV. There are also special test leads up to 5kV. Although I wouldn't save too much, especially if there are more than a few mA behind. LG, Udo

Thanks for your advice! I have just seen that SHV ​​5kV is at least very cheap on ebay. Maybe I should just give it a try. You don't have to work openly. @Karlsson: This HS series is even standard on some high voltage power supplies. Do you know whether you can get something from hivolt as a private person?

Hi Phil Unfortunately, I don't know whether hivolt delivers to private. We use those at work. But I can give you a contact person at hivolt. I could also find out the prices of the plugs and sockets. But I won't be back in the office until Monday. mfg KvD

Phil wrote:> @Karlsson: This HS series is even standard on some high voltage power supplies. Do you know whether you can get something from hivolt as a private person? They do not deliver to private individuals. But I can pass it on to you.

by Esmeralda P. (Company: private) (max707)

Phil wrote:> Hello, >> I would like to equip my high voltage sources, dividers etc. with reasonably> reasonable sockets. It concerns voltages up to> 10kV and it is only about DC. split into + kV and - kV

The first thing that comes to mind is the BNC high-voltage version, but there is a maximum of 6 or 8 kV: https://www.koax24.de/steckverbind/uebersicht/hv-steckverbind/bncht.html Maybe just a spark plug connection? The old tube TVs simply had clamps with a kind of suction cup over them.

Hi try it on radio flea markets, I bought a whole box of such plugs for 10 € ...

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