What is aioli


Aioli or Allioli (from Occitan or Catalan all i oli, in English "garlic and oil") is a cold cream from Spain, which is mainly made from garlic (Alles), Olive oil (oli) and salt and is now a fixture in French cuisine. Aioli or garlic mayonnaise goes very well with fish, seafood and meat and is easy to make yourself.

The original version is made in a mortar using only olive oil, garlic and a little salt. Today, egg yolks, lemon juice and sometimes a little white bread are usually added, which makes preparation easier. The mortar is replaced by a hand mixer, hand blender or simply the whisk.

Aioli also describes a typical Provencal dish made from steamed potatoes, carrots and green beans with sea snails and fish fillet. The cream described above is served with this.


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Cookware [edit]

Stirred variant [edit]

Variant in the mortar


Stirred variant [edit]

  • Peel the cloves, cut in half, remove the seedling, put a little salt over the cloves, press them through the garlic press or grate finely with the back of a knife and chop finely if necessary.
  • Separate the egg, place the yolks in the bowl and beat them with garlic, salt and, if necessary, mustard and sugar, until frothy.
  • Start stirring.
  • While stirring, slowly add very little oil drop by drop.
  • When everything connects nicely, slowly add more oil.
  • When the mayonnaise has the desired consistency, season with lemon juice and, if necessary, other spices.

Variant in the mortar [edit]

  • Peel the garlic, squeeze the individual cloves with the ball of your thumb, cut finely and place in the mortar with the salt.
  • Crush both into a foamy mass.
  • Now stir in the previously separated egg yolks and teaspoonfuls of olive oil and keep stirring.
  • Slowly add more oil until the desired consistency is achieved.
  • Season to taste with lemon juice and the spices.

Notes [edit]

  • Eggs and oil should be at room temperature when preparing.
  • If the mayonnaise is too firm or you like it a little lighter, you can stir in the crème fraîche.
  • If the mayonnaise is too runny, add more oil and stir, or thicken with white bread crumb.
  • You can also just use olive oil, which makes the taste more intense.
  • You can also use the egg white, but it is no longer a typical aioli.
  • If you add a little mustard, you need less oil.
  • If the aioli becomes too firm, you can dilute it with a little lemon juice or hot water.
  • One egg yolk is also sufficient for larger quantities of aioli!

When the aioli curdles

  • The difficulty with making an aioli is that you have to make an emulsion of oil and water. If the ingredients are too cold or too much oil is added too quickly, the mass coagulates and no longer solidifies.
  • If this happens, the easiest way to save the aioli is to whip another egg yolk with a little salt and mustard and then slowly stir in the curdled mass as usual (first drop by drop).
  • More rescue tips can be found under mayonnaise.

Side dishes [edit]

  • Grilled meat, seafood or fish
  • baguette
  • vegetables
  • Potatoes

Variants [edit]