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How to Beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go (April 2021) - Weakness & Counterattack

Notorious Team Rocket leader Giovanni has made an epic return to Pokemon Go. Here is the infamous villain's Pokemon lineup for April 2021 and the counters Trainers can use to beat him.

Team Rocket is back and in March Giovanni made an epic return to Pokemon Go as part of his Seasons of Legends. In the three-month campaign of the antagonists, he fights with the Kanto Legendary Bird Trio.

The icon has Shadow Zapdos in its clutches in April 2021. Below we are going to break down his list of Pokemon, their weaknesses, and the best brands that will allow you to beat the bad guy in no time.


Niantic / The Pokemon Company - The infamous Pokemon villain is returning to Go for April 2021.

Pokemon Go Giovanni April 2021 Pokemon Lineup

Team Rocket's Giovanni was introduced in 2019 and routinely returns to Go with a different lineup each month. The character's powerful shadow monster turns off every time he reappears.

In April 2021 the players will compete against Zapdos, the legendary legendary electrics / flying type. The kanto bird strikes with its shadow attack bonus.

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The evil boss also brings back powerful Diamond & Pearl Dragon, Garchomp, as well as Persians, Nidoking and Kangaskhan. Below we will list the weaknesses of its current lineup.

Pokemon Go Giovanni April 2021 Pokemon Weaknesses

At the beginning of every battle Giovanni will always throw away his signature 'mon, Persian. The normal type can be shut down with fighting type characters. The second Pokémon he picks comes from a pool of three and is random.

Thankfully, Kangaskhan is a normal guy too, and Nidoking and Garchomp can both be defeated with ice-type moves. Plus, if you lose, you can always attack Giovanni again and adapt accordingly. Finally, Zapdos is extremely weak when you hit it with Rock-type attacks.

Pokemon Go Giovanni April 2021 Pokemon Counter

For Persians, we recommend coaches to use Gen IV Lucario. Aura Sphere is faster than most Rock-type attack attacks. The Sinnoh'mon can also be brought to Kangaskhan if Giovanni brings it out. A good alternative counter is Machamp with counter and dynamic beat.

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Should the missile boss knock Nidoking out, Mewtwo will put him down immediately with his quick combination of confusion and psystrike. Those unlucky enough to get garchomp can fend it off with Ice-Type Mamoswine. After all, Rampardos or Rhyperior Zapdos will be falling in no time.

1. Pokemon - PersianCounter: Lucario

Fast movement: counter
Loading movement: Aura sphere

2. Pokemon (possible) - nidokingCounter: Mewtwo

Fast movement: confusion
Loading movement: Psystrike

2. Pokemon (possible) - KangaskhanCounter: Lucario

Fast movement: counter
Loading movement: Aura sphere

2. Pokemon (possible) - GarchompCounter: Mamoswine

Fast movement: Powder snow
Loading movement: avalanche

3. Pokemon - ZapdosCounter: Rampardos

Fast movement: Crash
Loading movement: Rockslide

Compared to Rocket Grunts and Leaders, Giovanni has a punch. His lineup of Shadow 'mon will quickly deplete your health if you don't have the correct counters. Don't panic, as mentioned above, you can immediately attack the boss again and make changes to your roster.


As long as coaches use the correct mon to exploit his character types, you will defeat him. If you don't see a Pokemon you own in the list above, just look at the weakness table and agree accordingly. The legendary villain will return in May with Shadow Moltres. Think of this as a warm-up for the fiery finale.