What is the Google Android Music Strategy

The best music games for Android

Steffen Zellfelder

This is where the bear is stepping: We introduce you to the best music games for Android, which not only music fans will enjoy the groovy gameplay. The genre also offers magical fantasy worlds, DJ apps and gripping reaction games.

EnlargeThe best music games for Android

Music games are an underrated genre on Android devices. Thanks to the touchscreen and headphones, the now very versatile apps not only promise good entertainment. With concise soundscapes and lavishly composed music, the titles often offer particularly gripping gameplay.

The genre is varied and well-stocked, but perhaps the best-known app variants mostly work with rhythm-oriented gameplay. Players steer characters through obstacle-rich levels and have to perform maneuvers to the beat of the music. Titles like Muse Runner or Give It Up! 2 do this particularly well with their atmospheric graphics, but with a brutal level of difficulty they can also drive hardened gamblers to the edge of despair. Also popular are genre representatives who send bars and tones on a so-called "highway" towards the player, who in turn has to capture them at the right moment and with a suitable key. Game apps like Rock Hero 2 stand out here with a very successful implementation.