Has a drug changed your life?

Experience with antidepressants

A common reason for reservations about is fear of side effects and also of dependence. Unlike many sleeping pills and tranquilizers, they are not physically dependent or addictive. However, temporary symptoms such as insomnia and restlessness can occur when you stop taking the medication.

Some people are depressed to think that they cannot break out of theirs without medication. They feel like a kind of “chemical crutch” - and feel weak and helpless when they resort to it. Others wonder if they actually need the medication to get better. Often times, feelings are fluctuating and contradicting one another.

The worry of being “not normal” because one takes can also play a role. However, there is no need to be ashamed of taking medication for mental illness. After all, this is not an issue in the case of physical illnesses.

It is important to openly discuss these or similar concerns with your doctor. Some people do not dare to express fears and reservations or to ask critical questions. This is not always easy either, because not every doctor gives the feeling of being open to it. In the consultation with a doctor, however, the aim should be to make decisions about treatment together. Above all, this also includes carefully weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the medication.

Sufficient and reliable information about a treatment is a prerequisite for making a personally appropriate decision and for dealing with possible problems while taking it. In addition to advice in the doctor's practice or pharmacy, there are other information and advice offers, such as psychosocial advice centers or self-help groups.