There are mistakes that grammar cannot detect

10 popular grammatical mistakes

We introduce common mistakes and show how to avoid them.

German grammar, like spelling and punctuation, is the source of some extremely popular mistakes. Our contribution will help you keep your grammar error-free.

German grammar is the source of some very popular mistakes. Our contribution helps to avoid them.

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"German language difficult language". Everyone who learns German as a foreign language can tell you a thing or two about it. But even native speakers often struggle with the tricky German grammar.

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Grammar is the set of rules of a language (or the area of ​​linguistics that deals with the set of rules). The grammar relates to all linguistic units: sounds, morphemes, words, sentences. (Morphemes are the smallest units of language that have a meaning or grammatical function. This is how the word, for example, exists Desks from the three morphemes write, table and e as plural ending.) If a word or sentence does not correspond to the set of rules, it is referred to as "grammatically incorrect" or "ungrammatic". In short: it is a grammatical error. Grammatical errors are traditionally marked with an asterisk in front of them; I want to follow that here.

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Even people who have absorbed German grammar with their mother's milk are not immune to grammatical errors. Sometimes this affects the rules themselves and often their exceptions. We acquire the rules as children. Without them being aware of it, children learn and form (implicit) rules. You can tell if you are doing something wrong and for example I went instead of I walked say. You use the rule for the formation of the past tense, but incorrectly with an irregular Tuwort (verb). But the exceptions are also learned quickly. However, some rules and exceptions remain unclear to us for a lifetime: That is what it means I waved or I waved? (Waved is colloquial, waved is standard language and is considered to be grammatically correct). Is it [called The fire was smoldering or The fire smoldered? (You can do both here.)

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As you can see, grammar and grammatical errors are a broad field. Here we want to focus on popular grammatical errors that can occur in different communication situations. Essentially, there are four categories of errors:

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  • Gender: male, female, neuter G. (Genus: masculine, feminine, neuter)

  • Number: singular, plural (number: singular, plural)

  • Case: 1st case, 2nd case, 3rd case, 4th case (cases: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative)

  • Other: adjectives (prepositions), pronouns (pronouns) and attachments (appositions)

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