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J 2011 (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika)
Alternative title: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Just suppose someone promised you that they could grant you any wish by magic, what would you wish for? 14-year-old Madoka and her best friend Sayaka have to ask themselves this question. In a music store, Madoka is the only one who hears a mysterious cry for help. In the store's storeroom, she finds a wounded being named Kyubey. A girl named Homura is hot on the heels of the strange animal. Only with the help of her friend Sayaka is the student able to escape from Homura and bring the creature to safety. Kyubey is very grateful to the friends and proposes a pact to them: He fulfills one wish each. In return, they have to fight witches as Magical Girls. The witches are bizarre beings who feed on the dreams and hopes of people and ultimately drive them to suicide. At first, the offer seems tempting until Madoka meets Hamora again. Hamora turns out to be a magical girl trying to protect girls from Kyubey. She warns the girls not to get involved with the eloquent being. The two girls decide to accompany the Magical Girls on their fights against the witches and only accept the offer later. Because what really stands behind the Magical Girls, the witches and the pact is still in the dark for Madoka. (Text: Animax)

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  • Jun86 (born 1986) on

    An anime highlight in a class of its own! This series is definitely the best I've seen in all of 2013. A Magical Girl series with a difference, great. Especially recommended for older viewers and also male interested parties, which is seldom the case in this genre. The manga is also recommended. Hopefully the films will be on the market in German soon. A video game that is enough of the series in Japan would be cool too. Ok, but the last one will probably only be a wish

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