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In the earthly year 1945, Red Skull was made from the space stone, one of the infinity stones Before me transported to where he became the keeper of the soul stone. Decades later, Thanos commissioned his foster daughter Gamora to find the soul stone or to find out where to find it. Gamora then returned and told her father that she could not find the stone. But in reality, Gamora had found out the location, but did not want to tell Thanos and instead destroyed all information about it. She lied to her father.

A few years later, after Gamora had turned away from her father for several years and joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos was able to find his daughter on Knowhere and dragged her onto his spaceship. There he confronted her again with the search for the soul stone and tortured her sister Nebula in front of her eyes. Thanos knew, thanks to memories stored in Nebula, that Gamora had lied to him. Gamora initially stuck to her story, but could no longer endure her sister's torture. So she submitted to her father and told him that the stone could be found on the planet Vormir. [Avengers - Infinity War]

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Thanos travels to Vormir

Thanos and Gamora are received by Red Skull.

Gamora and Thanos traveled to the rocky planet Vormir in the earthly year 2018 and climbed a high mountain there. At the top she was met by a figure in a black robe who had already been waiting for her. It turned out that this was Red Skull, who was teleported through the Tesseract to Vormir many decades ago and since then had to serve as the guardian of the stone, without being allowed or even able to use the power of the stone himself . Red Skull also mentions that many, many years ago he was allowed to call one of the Infinity Stones his own. Together, the three of them continued up to a cliff that leads hundreds of meters down.

Red Skull explained to Thanos that you can't just take the soul stone. Instead, the soul stone needs a sacrifice. You have to sacrifice a soul. But not just any soul, but the person you love most. In the case of Thanos, this is Gamora, which Gamora did not even realize. She only saw that Thanos had tears in his eyes and even laughed at them. But Red Skull explained to her that he had tears in his eyes because of that. As soon as Gamora understood that Thanos wanted to sacrifice her, she tried to kill herself. But with the power of the reality stone, Thanos prevented the suicide. He apologizes to Gamora and with tears in his eyes dragged her to the abyss and threw her down. Gamora died and Thanos woke up lying in the water at the foot of the mountain. The soul stone was in his right hand, which he immediately inserted into the Infinity glove. Then he left the planet Vormir again. [Avengers - Infinity War]

Black Widow's victims on Vormir

Black Widow and Hawkeye on Vormir.

During the Avengers' journey into the past to undo the decimation, Black Widow and Hawkeye were responsible for collecting the Soul Stone and made their way to Vormir. To do this, they traveled back to 2014 via Quantum Empire from 2023. There they learned from Red Skull that the only way to get the stone is to sacrifice the life of a loved one. Both Romanoff and Barton were determined to sacrifice themselves for the stone so that the other could get the stone. They argued over who should stay alive and come back with him, but after a tense battle, Natasha won and decided to sacrifice herself by falling into the abyss so that Barton could receive the Infinity Stone soon after. [Avengers - Endgame]


  • In the comics, Vormir is the sixth planet in the Helgentar system and the home of the Vorms.
  • The scenes that took place in Vormir were filmed in the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Maranhão, Brazil. Filming lasted two weeks and under a confidentiality agreement, the project was named "Mary Lou" to keep it a secret.

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