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A collection of the most beautiful quotes and sayings about photography

You have probably already noticed, I like to use photo quotes but also quotes that do not belong to photography on my website if they fit the topic. In the meantime I have found a lot of quotes and funny photographer sayings that I don't want to withhold from you, have fun.

"What is so remarkable about black and white photography is how it brings out the feeling of reality."
Peter Lindbergh (born1944 - †2019)

"Collecting photographs means collecting the world."
Susan Sontag (born1933 - †2004)

"Of course the equipment was expensive and I don't get better pictures with it. But now I have more fun with my bad pictures."
Heiko Chancellor (born 1970)

"Pictures that you have taken have an impact on what you will take. That's life!"
John Sexton (born1953)

"Painting, music and literature can express many things better than photography, but as a portrayal of the moment, the present in nature, photography is unbeatable."
Fritz Pölking (born1936 - †2007)

"As long as humans think that animals don't feel, animals must feel that humans don't think."
Author unknown

"Never take a picture of something that you don't care about!"
Lisette model (born1901 - †1983)

"People's tendency to think small things are important has produced a lot of great things."
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (born1742 - †1799)

"The hardest thing for us is to see what we have in front of our eyes."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (born 1749 - † 1832)

"The wonders of everyday life are exciting; no film director can sort out the unexpected that you find in the street."
Robert Doisneau (born 1912 - † 1994)

"Los Angeles is an intellectual desert whose only contribution to American culture is being able to turn right on red."
Woody Allen (born 1935)

"Everyone in New York knows that they are a great person who lives among other great people."
Brendan Behan (born 1923 - † 1964)

"The first 10,000 shots are the worst."
Helmut Newton (born 1920 - † 2004)

"Chef de cuisine in a restaurant: I like your photos - you must have a good camera. Helmut Newton (after dinner): The food was excellent - you must have good pots."
Helmut Newton (born 1920 - † 2004)

"A photo is mostly just looked at - you rarely look into it."
Ansel Adams (born 1902 - † 1984)

"Development doesn't just take place in the darkroom."
Almut Adler (born 1951)

“There are no bad pictures of you; Sometimes you just look like that. "
Abraham Lincoln(born 1809 - † 1865)

“The camera was designed for me and I used it like a musician the piano, or a painter the canvas. I felt like a master of the elements and believed that I could do wonderful things. "
Alfred Goldfinch(born 1864 - † 1946)

"The fact that a technically flawed photograph (in the conventional sense) can be emotionally more effective than a technically flawless image will shock those who are naive enough to believe that technical perfection is the true value of a photo."
Andreas Feininger(born 1906 - † 1999)

“Nature seems more imaginative to me than the most gifted brain. My achievement consists in seeing what is suitable for my picture from the abundance of what is available and eliminating much, much that is superfluous. I try to think with my eyes. "
Hans Martin Erhardt (born 1935 - † 2015)

"The fact that people are born with two eyes but only one mouth suggests that they should see twice as much as they should speak."
Marie Marquise de Svign(born 1626 - † 1696)

“Anyone who, as a beginner, ignores the design rules of photography has no sense. But whoever clings to it for a lifetime has no imagination. "
Detlev Motz (born 1946)

    Recent Photos

"A nude photo is good if the model shows it around the coffee table at the grandmother's birthday and those present like it."
Günter Rinnhofer (born 1945)

“If you can see, you can also take photos. However, learning to see can take time. "
Leica advertising (Company)

"You should look at a picture - not talk about it."
Elliott Erwitt (born 1928)

"The eye should learn to listen before watching."
Robert Frank (born 1924)

“... there are no bad photos, there are just different tastes. Because the photo is created in a moment, a moment that is not important. Learn the moment and draw with light and shadow. "
Kurt Wolff (born 1916 - † 2003)

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. If you photograph them in black and white, you are photographing their souls. "
Ted Grant (born 1913 - 2006

"The amateur cares about the right equipment, the professional cares about the money and the master cares about the light."
Georg IR B.

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."
Dorothea Lange (born 1895 - † 1965)

"Art is not in the eye of the beholder, but in the soul of the artist."
Seth Godin

"If you want something to look interesting, don't light (show) everything."
Joe McNally (born 1952)

"First rule of being a photographer: Be invisible."
Sameh Talhamy

“Don't we all know that art is dangerous. Once you get involved, she'll never let go of you. "
Stefan Balint

"The brightest light makes the darkest prints."
Henry Holmes Smith (born 1909 - † 1986)

“Don't take photos of what it looks like, but how it feels.”
David Alan Harvey (born 1944)

"Photography helps people see."
Berenice Abbott (born 1898 - † 1991)

    Recent Photos

"You have a Photoshop face"
Common photographer

"You exceeded the speed limit."
The saying appears again and again in connection with bad portraits.

"Talent is more important than technology."
Andreas Feininger(born 1906 - † 1999)

"It's not the sharpness that makes the picture, but the effect!"
Frank Weidle (born 1969)

"There are pictures that fail. But I don't take pictures to put them in a drawer. They should be seen. Whether you love them or not, I don't care."
Helmut Newton (born 1920 - † 2004)

"Being ready is a lot, being able to wait is more, but only using the right moment is everything."
Arthur Schnitzler (born 1862 - † 1931)

"If the picture isn't great, Photoshop won't help you either."
Common photographer

"The photographer takes the picture, not the camera."
Author unknown

"Of course it's always luck."
Henri Cartier-Bresson (born 1908 - † 2004)

"Making the essence of the human being visible when taking a picture is the highest art of photography."
Friedrich Dürrenmatt

"There is only one rule in photography: never develop a film in chicken soup."
Freeman Patterson (born 1937)

"There are many photos that are full of life, but still difficult to remember. What is important is the effectiveness."
Brassai (born 1899 - † 1984)

"Twelve good photos in a year is a good yield."
Ansel Adams (born 1902 - † 1984)

"In unfavorable lighting conditions or in non-photogenic subjects, it is an art NOT to press the shutter release button."
Andreas Feininger(born 1906 - † 1999)

"In my opinion, you can't say you've seen something before you've photographed it."
Emile Zola (born 1840 - † 1902)

"Photography is the mortal enemy of painting, it is the refuge of all failed painters, the untalented and the lazy."
Charles Baudelaire (born 1821 - † 1867)

"Make visible what might never have been noticed without you."
Robert Bresson (born 1901 - † 1999)

"If your pictures aren't good enough, then you weren't close enough."
Robert Capa (born 1913 - † 1954)

"If I could tell a story in words, I wouldn't have to carry a camera around."
Lewis Hine (born 1874 - † 1940)

"For a good photo a good camera is as important as a good pen for a good text. One writes lines that move the world, another a dictation with 36 mistakes." :-)
Frank Weidle (born 1969)

"Digital photography not only enables us to capture memories, but also to create them."
James Wayner

"I've never taken a picture the way I intended it to be. They are always worse or better."
Diane Arbus (born 1923 - † 1971)

"In any case, people care too much about photographic technology and too little about seeing."
Henri Cartier-Bresson (born 1908 - † 2004)

"The equipment that we use only plays a small role. It is more a question of mastering it."
Sam Abell (born 1945)

"Two people are always involved in a picture: the photographer and the viewer."
Ansel Adams (born 1902 - † 1984)

"Photography is like writing with light, like making music with color tones, like painting with time and seeing with love."
Almut Adler (born 1951)

"One eye of the photographer looks wide open through the viewfinder, the other, the closed one, looks into his own soul."
Henri Cartier-Bresson (born 1908 - † 2004)

"Photography is a craft. Many want to turn it into an art, but we are simply craftsmen who have to do their job well."
Henri Cartier-Bresson (born 1908 - † 2004)

"The eye makes the picture, not the camera."
Gisèle friend (born 1908 - † 2000)

"Photography is like archery: aim properly, shoot fast, run away."
Henri Cartier-Bresson (born 1908 - † 2004)

"A photo no longer tells the truth. It only suggests one possibility."
photokina 2000 (Photo fair)

Growing up in war, listening to Churchill’s speeches and being bombed every night in Glasgow - that got me into photojounalism. It was the drama - I wanted to be close to the center of things.
Harry Benson (born 1929)

"Ever since the invention of photography, there has been a dispute about its authenticity, because photography was probably never a representation of reality, but at most a suggestion of how the world should be seen."
Henning Sussebach (born 1972)

"The camera was designed for me, and I used it like a musician the piano, or a painter the canvas. I felt like a master of the elements and believed that I could achieve wonderful things."
Alfred Goldfinch(born 1864 - † 1946)

"Taking pictures is more than pressing the shutter button."
Bettina Rheims (born 1952)

"A photograph never shows the truth."
Richard Avedon (born 1923 - † 2004)

"I would retouch my whole life."
Dusty Springfield (born 1939 - † 1999)

"All the diversity, all the charm, all the beauty of life consists of shadow and light."
Leo N. Tolstoy (born 1828 - † 1910)


Closing word

Most of the photo quotes come from the many brilliant photographers of our time. Unfortunately, some of them are no longer with us. But what remains are indescribable photos and wonderful quotes that will hopefully last for a long time. Some texts are also from photo friends or what I found on the net and who looked exactly, there are also some from me :-)
Unfortunately, I was not able to find the "creator" of all the texts. If someone should find themselves here, please write me a short one messageso that I can correct it.

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