What does off-market


Trust is key

You have the best cards when a certain trust has built up between you and the broker. For example, because you have already acquired real estate from him, because you have proven yourself to be reliable and not breaking your word or because you are simply someone with whom one would like to work sustainably.

Follow up

If these prerequisites are met, there is nothing to prevent you from asking by phone or in writing every month whether there are new properties for sale. The rule here is clear: find the right balance - let yourself be heard from time to time, so you will be remembered. But don't overdo it either, daily calls are more likely to be perceived as annoying.

Getting to interesting off-market real estate can therefore be a lucrative strategy, especially for small to large investors. Make sure that your business relationship with your broker is right. With these three points you are on the right way:

  • Strive for a long-term business relationship and cultivate it.
  • Don't make promises you can't keep - be reliable.
  • Be well prepared and follow up regularly.

If you take this to heart, the real estate off-market is made for you.


What you should know as a real estate professional

Here you will find the basics of what you can do for a good deal: