What year was Android invented?

Android who invented it?

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What is Android TV?

Android TV is the smartTVPlatform from Google, so Android on the big TV screen. The means: You can use apps like Netflix, Spotify and YouTube on your TV use. ... No problem: With special hardware you can Android TV “Retrofit”.

What is the operating system of my mobile phone?

This is how you can tell which Android-Version you have

Go to the "Settings" of your smartphone or tablet. Under the menu item "Telephone info" you will find the item "Software information". Select this one. Now see "AndroidVersion "your current Android-Version (see screenshot).

How long will Android be around?

Android 1.0: The first Android appeared in 2008. The first Google apps such as YouTube and Gmail were preinstalled even then. Android 2.0-5.0: The operating system has evolved over the years. Nowadays, however, hardly uses still someone a smartphone with these old versions.

How does the Android operating system work?

As a smartphoneoperating system is Android optimized for the interaction with GPS and motion sensors as well as with telephony functions and for operation via a (multi) touchscreen. The corresponding libraries and interfaces are then available for this.

When was the first smartphone available?

The first Smartphones existed as early as the late 1990s, but it wasn't until the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 that they gained significant market share. The term Smartphone comes from the company Ericsson, which named its model R380 with touchscreen, internet browser and calendar at the turn of the millennium.

What could the first smartphone do?

The first smartphone: IBM Simon

Such as the functions of a computer - why not? Already was the ancestor of the modern Smartphones born! With the IBM Simon you could send e-mails and faxes, manage a calendar and an address book and play games.

What is the current Android version?

What is the current and newest Android-version? Android 10 Q is currently the newest Android-version and depending on the smartphone model, you will receive it as an update. If there is a new operating systemversion for your device, you can use the new one Android-Install the update like this.

How long will Android 4.4 be supported?

And the still older 4.4 ("Kitkat") from October 2013 always runs still to 6.9 percent of all Android-Equipment. They are no longer receiving security updates, are out of date and therefore unsafe.

How long will the Samsung Galaxy s7 be supported?

Finished after over four years Samsung the support of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Probably the last update brings the July security patches to the devices. Samsung has started rolling out the Android July security patches for the Galaxy-S7- Deliver smartphones.

How long do Samsung phones get updates?

Samsung usually provides up to two years for his smartphones Android-Updates to disposal. After this period to get Models of Samsung although still Updates, but these are mostly only smaller ones Updatesthat are less frequently available.

Where can I see what kind of operating system I have?

To find out more: Select the Start button> Settings> System> About. Under Device Specifications> System Type see Whether you are using a 32-bit version or a 64-bit version of Windows. See Check Windows Specification to see which edition and version of Windows your device is running.

How do I find out what kind of Samsung phone I have?

The model number can be found on the nameplate under the battery (if you can remove it) and on your Samsung cell phone Original box. Another variant are two "secret query codes" that indicate what type of code you are using Have Samsung cell phone.