What is NSF to PST

Many users often wonder if it is possible to convert NSF to PST. The answer is no. The users cannot convert NSF files to PST format without installing Lotus Notes on the system. The user needs to convert the NSF files to PST file type by installing Lotus Notes on their system. There are two methods that the user can use to convert the files from NSF to PST: the manual method and a third party tool. This blog describes both methods for the Convert NSF files to PST Format explained using an automated tool and a manual method.

Know the manual method to convert NSF files to PST

Moving NSF files from Lotus Notes

● Start Lotus Notes and switch to the "Open" tab.
● Click the "File" button and click the "Export" tab in the various options.
● A pop-up message is displayed and you click the "Export Wizard" tab.
● Save the files in the format you want and rename them.
● Click the "Export" tab.
● Click on the "CSV file" option.
● Click the "OK" option.

Transfer Lotus Notes to Outlook

● Run Outlook and switch to the "File" option.
● From the available options on the screen, click the "Import" button.
● Click the "Import from Another File" tab.
● Go to the "Next" button to continue.
● Click the "Import" tab and click the "Comma-separated values" button.
● Go to the "Next" option.
● Select the file that you want to move from Lotus Notes.
● Save the files to your preferred location and click the Next tab.
● Then press the "Finish" tab.

NSF to PST converter to convert NSF files to PST

The user can convert the NSF files to PST format using a third party tool. We recommend choosing KDETools NSF to PST Converter to extract data from NSF format to PST file type in a short time without compromising data security. This is another method to safely convert files from NSF to PST format. The user can choose the folder they want to convert instead of selecting all of the mailbox items. We recommend that you do not go for the manual method and use the third party software to convert the files from NSF to PST file type.

Read More:http://www.kdetools.com/blog/free-method-convert-nsf-to-pst.html