What do guys do when they shower

Moderate body care for teenagers

During puberty, the body changes - and often the hygienic behavior of adolescents too. While some exaggerate and stand in the bathroom for hours, some could take a shower a little more often.

Text: Petra Seeburger

For many parents, puberty is the time when cute children become brash teenagers, and in retrospect some are still ashamed to think of what they were like back then. In this phase of life the body changes and children become adults. The term “puberty” is derived from the Latin “pubescere”, which means something like: getting hairy.

But not only the pubic hair grows: the girls' breasts grow and menstruation begins, and they become curvier. The boys shoot up and become more muscular, their voices break, and the first upper lip fluff appears. The hormones go crazy in both of them, pimples sprout, and a complete overhaul also seems to be taking place in the brain. The emotions go rollercoaster, and some pubescent people change their mood every second: in one moment they are fully grown and in the next back in the defiant phase.

Hormones change the smell

The subject of hygiene among teenagers is a delicate one: girls who spend hours in the bathroom and boys who fear the washcloth like the devil. For many, these clichés are a reality. My brother, for example, built his own bathroom for his thirteen-year-old daughter so as not to endanger the peace of the family in the long run.

While children actually never smell of sweat, the hormonal change changes the exhalation of adolescents. The pubic and armpit areas are more colonized by bacteria because they have more scent and sweat glands and are therefore moist. When puberty begins, daily personal hygiene is therefore a must. But we can smell it on the tram, train or gondola: Boys in particular sometimes attach more importance to styling than to the daily shower.

But if we can't smell, we don't like either. Personal hygiene is therefore important. The care of boys and girls is different. Adolescent young men should wash the penis and scrotum once a day. The genital glands also produce more sebum. This white coating on the glans should be washed off daily. But be careful: pull the foreskin back completely and pull it all the way forward after washing.

Pubic hair is out

Daily personal hygiene offers the opportunity to try out new care products. But washing alone is of no use if you don't change your underpants and socks every day. For boys these days, beard is in and pubic hair is out. But pubic hair also has a purpose, it distributes the sexual attractants. However, culture and fashion influence how we deal with body hair. Even with most girls, the pubic area is now hairless.

In girls, the vagina is close to the urethra and the anus. The cleaning should always be done from front to back so that no intestinal bacteria get into the vagina or the bladder. In girls, too, the glands produce more sebum, which can be seen between the labia. Young women ideally wash their genital area with pH-neutral products, because an intact environment protects against infections.

If the hormone level rises, a discharge begins a few months before the first menstruation. This is normal and every woman has white flow, more or less depending on the phase of the cycle. If the amount, color or smell changes, this should be clarified. With menarche, the first menstrual period, young girls can use pads or tampons. You should decide for yourself which protection you feel more comfortable with, but you should learn how to use tampons. Many girls feel the need to wash more during menstruation, but too much not only annoys the environment, it can also lead to skin irritations and allergies. With regard to hygiene in particular, teenagers should learn to handle their own bodies responsibly, but also to develop an uncomplicated attitude towards it.

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Tips for body care for guys

  • Shower daily and use a mild deodorant.
  • Use separate towels for "above" and "below".
  • After the water has been dissolved, dab the glans with toilet paper.
  • Wash hands after every trip to the toilet.
  • Change underwear and socks daily.
  • For acne: clean skin once a day, do not squeeze pimples.

Tips for body care for girls

  • Shower daily and use a mild deodorant.
  • Wash pubic area daily with pH-neutral washing lotion and dry with a separate towel.
  • Dab with toilet paper after urinating.
  • Never wipe from back to front after a bowel movement.
  • Possibly use panty liners to catch discharge while using tampons or sanitary towels during menstruation.
  • Wash hands after going to the toilet and before and after changing tampons.
  • Change underwear and stockings daily.
  • For acne: clean skin once a day, do not squeeze pimples.