How do I become a book blogger

Become a blogger | Or: How can you make a living from blogging?

Write fluffy texts, take fancy photos and above all: get a lot of great products sent to you. No question about it, blogger is currently one of the absolute dream jobs. But how do you actually become a blogger? And how can you make a living from it? Answers to these and many other questions can be found in the following article.

Becoming a blogger for beginners

To become a blogger, the first thing you need is your own blog, in other words: your own website on which you can publish your content. Fortunately, the times in which a website had to be programmed in painstaking detail are long gone. In the meantime, so-called Content management systems (CMS) to set up your blog in no time. The most widely used CMS among bloggers is WordPress. This video tells you in great detail how to set up a blog with WordPress:

Important: note the imprint obligation!

If you want to make a living from blogging, you inevitably have to monetize your blog (more on this below). That in turn means that you are clearly the Imprint obligation subject. If you blog professionally, your imprint must follow Telemedia Act §5 contain the following information:

  • another direct communication channel (usually a telephone or cell phone number)
  • Information on the responsible supervisory authority
  • Commercial register and registration number
  • VAT identification number

If the imprint does not contain all mandatory information, you can in the case of a Warning partly high Fines threaten. It is therefore not advisable to hope for personal luck here. Information such as "Address: On request" can also be issued with a warning.

What else you need to know about the imprint:

  • The imprint must be found quickly on the page (it is best to include it in the header or in the upper area of ​​the sidebar)
  • The imprint must be immediately accessible (with a maximum of two clicks)
  • The imprint must be available at all times
  • The imprint must be barrier-free

Register a business as a blogger

If you become a blogger and want to make a living from it, you will have to venture into self-employment. For many this sounds like a big challenge, but it can also be put into perspective. Blogging is typical Online business and as such with relatively few risks connected. For example, one of the greatest advantages is that you can require little or no start-up capitalto become a blogger. Even in the further course of your self-employment, you can rarely expect major financial expenses (apart from a new laptop and camera equipment).

In spite of all this, there is one thing you cannot avoid: The Business registration. As a blogger, you are very likely to become one one-man business establish. This means that you are the sole owner of the company and that there are no direct and equal business partners. Despite your status as a sole trader, you have the option of employing employees (including mini-jobbers and interns) in the future.

Signing up for a sole proprietorship is surprisingly easy. As a budding blogger, you don't have to worry about a bureaucratic marathon. The path to your own business is more like a short sprint. To become a blogger you need to contact your local commercial office turn and a Business registration to complete. The completed document, also known as a Trade license is then passed on to a clerk. A short time later you will Post from the tax office to get. Don't worry, this is not a first reminder, but the one Questionnaire for tax collection. Once you have filled it out and sent it back, you will receive yours tax number. However, you can start your entrepreneurial activity after submitting your trade license.

Important: The rumor circulates again and again that anyone who wants to become a blogger can simply register for a freelance job. However, this is wrong. As a blogger, you will definitely generate income through advertising (regardless of the form). This in turn means that your job can in no way be classified as freelance.

Become a blogger and benefit from the small business regulation

Blogging as a part-time job is a great way to increase your monthly salary - and it's no shame on top of that. Only a handful of bloggers really manage to turn their hobby into their main occupation. Most professional bloggers continue to work in their salaried jobs at the same time.

If you blog as a part-time job or are waiting for the big profits in the initial phase of your self-employment, you can benefit from the Small business regulation benefit. This can be found in the Section 19 of the Sales Tax Act and exempts small businesses (if they wish) from paying sales tax. As a small business owner, they are also up to an annual profit of 24,500 euros exempt from trade tax. Sales and trade tax exemptions are, however, two different things.

Earning money as a blogger: how does it work?

Starting a blog and writing about the topics that move you is one thing. Earning money with it is completely different. In fact, there are several ways to monetize a blog - so: customize it so that it makes money. The following ways to earn money as a blogger do not have to be viewed separately. If you want to become a blogger, you should definitely select several of them and combine them as profitably as possible.

Option # 1: Classic online advertising

Probably the most unspectacular way to earn money as a blogger is to place online banners on your homepage. Although this method is associated with little effort, it cannot be described as particularly lucrative. The amounts of money you per click to get a banner are really low.

Option # 2: Affiliate Marketing

It is a little better if you equip your blog with so-called affiliate links. The point of so-called recommendation marketing is that you recommend products to your readers and a small one for each purchase Finder's fee receive. Almost all large shops now offer affiliate programs for bloggers. Once set up, this is an attractive passive income.

Option # 3: Sponsored Posts

The biggest and most important source of income for professional bloggers are Cooperations with company. Whether fashion, cosmetics, technology or food - many corporations are now paying good money to bloggers who present the corresponding products on their channels.

Of course, early in your blogger career you won't land big deals with well-known brands right away. In the first phase, it is advisable to work with specialized agencies that network bloggers and companies.

Option # 4: own products

Cosmetics lines, photography courses, eBooks - professional bloggers have long understood that it is worth thinking outside the box and not just concentrating on your core business. Own products - whether digital or analog - that are marketed in the name of the blog can represent an extremely attractive additional source of income.

In any case, there is one thing to keep in mind: to become a successful blogger, you need a blog that is as large as possible Range. The bigger the community, the better the chances of making money as a blogger.


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