How do I expose the Illuminati

This article looks at the identifying marks of the Illuminati. Some of them are revealed here.

Illuminati means something like "the enlightened ones".

How far are the Illuminati enlightened?

Unfortunately they are not enlightened by a good, human-friendly light, but by the will-o'-the-wisps of dark secrets and dark power. God allows Illuminati to have a lot of power on earth. He does not do this to torment us, but he lets the power of darkness take over, on the one hand because humanity has been subject to the power of Satan through its own fault since the fall, on the other hand to test us humans whether we are prefer to stay in the powers of darkness or want liberation from it and grasp the true light of God.

Illuminati do not get their power from God, but from fallen angels and angelic powers.

Does the Illuminati really exist and if so, how can we recognize it?

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Are there typical identifying marks of Illuminati and Freemasons?

Does the person who enlightened the Illuminati even want his followers to be recognized? We can assume that in any case.

Anyone who knows the identifying marks of the Illuminati can easily and quickly identify them. You can find them among top politicians, company bosses, music and pop stars (e.g. on the record cover), on TV, in magazines and magazines. Reza Arabpour, a specialist in uncovering the secret identification marks of the Illuminati, shows in his lectures how one can recognize this secret society. Here are some examples from one of his lectures.

Typical distinguishing feature of the Illuminati: only one eye is revealed

This distinctive identification mark is also known as the all-seeing eye. Very often you can find identification marks of the Illuminati on the cover of well-known pop bands, e.g. here at Alphaville:

Another picture from Alphaville:

Alisha Keys identifies herself as Illumintin

Ayah Marar:

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