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Lidl Pay launched nationwide

Lidl Pay in Germany
Photo: supermarket blog, screenshot: teltarif.de A year ago, Lidl announced that it would also offer its mobile payment service in Germany. In autumn 2020, the plans were confirmed - a few weeks after the introduction of the new Lidl Plus app. Now the time has come: Lidl Pay can already be used in the first branches of the supermarket chain. The company plans to offer the service nationwide in the near future.

The supermarket blog reports that Lidl Pay can be used as expected via the Lidl Plus smartphone app, which is available for Android and iOS. According to the information, customers who want to use the service must register once with their address and email address. A SEPA direct debit mandate is also issued for the bank account. To do this, the customer must agree to a credit check.

The payment function is secured with a PIN

Lidl Pay in Germany
Photo: supermarket blog, screenshot: teltarif.de The customer is informed by email that the payment function has been activated. The feature can then be activated in the app using a virtual slider. This activation remains active for further purchases as long as it is not switched off again by the customer. The payment function can be secured with a PIN query, face recognition or fingerprint scan.

After setting up Lidl Pay, a QR code is generated with the payment data, which is scanned at the checkout. Each customer is assigned a payment limit. If Lidl has withdrawn the amount of a purchase from the user's bank account, the full amount is available again. Depending on how often the customer pays with Lidl Pay, the limit is gradually increased.

Coupons are automatically taken into account

When paying via the app, coupons activated via the Lidl Plus app are automatically taken into account. In addition, customers should be able to save time at the checkout by scanning the goods while they are shopping. It is incomprehensible that Lidl only allows payments by SEPA direct debit. In other European countries where Lidl Pay has been available for some time, customers can also choose credit cards as a means of payment.

Mobile, contactless payment is currently the general trend. As reported, the ADAC has also introduced a prepaid credit card that supports Apple Pay and Google Pay.