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University of California System (UC System)

They are considered top research universities in the USA and belong to the Public Ivies - those state universities that are in the same breath as the private elite universities of the Ivy League to be named. We are talking about the universities of the University of California Systems (UC System). This university network is the second next to the California State University System (CSU) state university systemCalifornia. The member universities of both university associations are among the most renowned universities in the country and are internationally known.

Facts about the University of California System

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One of the flagships of the UC system: the University of California Berkeley with its landmark, the Sather Tower.

The University of California initially consisted of ten faculty members and 38 students. Today the University of California system spans more than 238,000 students and 190,000 employees. The university network is made up of

In addition, numerous museums, concert halls, art galleries, botanical gardens and marine centers belong to the UC system.

All member universities have been approved by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accredited - a reference to the high quality standardthat prevails at California universities. The universities of the UC system lure with study programs more than 150 academic disciplines. Nine of the ten colleges offer programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. There are around 600 different graduate programs to choose from.

History of the University of California

The foundation stone for the UC system was in 1862 with the Morrill Act placed. The law gave rise to one So-called wave of founders Land Grant Universities. It offered the US states the opportunity to sell public land and use the proceeds to set up universities.

As a result, the Agricultural, Mining and Mechanical Arts College was founded in California in 1866. The college lacked land, the private College of California founded a few years earlier, lacking money for regular operations.

The College of California therefore proposed that the state merge the two universities - on one condition: there should be one Complete University emerge from this, where humanities as well as agricultural and engineering disciplines such as mechanics or mining are taught. So it finally happened that on March 23, 1868 the contract for Establishment of the University of California System was signed.

Specifics of the University of California system

Research traditionally plays a major role at the University of California. The UC is both national and international known for their strength in research. Six of the ten universities are members of the Association of American Universities, an amalgamation of the most important research universities in Canada and the USA. The professors at the University of California are often renowned experts in their field who, in many cases, conduct internationally visible research.

The high quality of research in the UC system is also evident elsewhere. The member universities show regularly top placements in internationally significant university rankings, such as

The university network is also ahead in the “Nobel Prize Ranking”: The University of California system already has more than 60 Nobel Prize winners produced, predominantly in the categories of physics and chemistry.

Transfer agreement between the UC system and community colleges

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A campus with a high recreational value: UCSB is not only captivating with its spectacular location directly on the Pacific.

The UC system has another special feature: the so-called Transfer Admission Guarantee. Six of the ten UC locations have a transfer agreement with the California community colleges. Students, the one Associate Degree at a community college in California, can then switch to a bachelor's degree at a university of the UC system.

The prerequisite for the change is that students meet the specific application requirements of the university and the course. With a Associate Degree students can thus become one of the most sought-after Get hold of study places at a UC campus.

The University of California Extension

A unique selling point of the University of California system is the so-called University of California Extension. The term summarizes the Further education institutions of the individual universities of the UC system. The UC Extension is one of the largest providers of further education worldwide and provides the largest selection of further education programs for international students. Around 17,000 courses are offered throughout the year.

As part of the UC extension Specially developed study programs are offered, which are primarily aimed at working people with an existing university degree. The range of courses includes

  • Postgraduate courses: They enable students with a bachelor's degree to take a targeted further qualification in a specific subject area.
  • Training programs: The participants are suitable within several weeks new knowledge in a specific field at.
  • US semester programs, summer sessions and, in some cases, language courses: at some member universities, the UC Extension also responsible for the supervision and handling of these study programs. This is because the institutes usually use the greatest empirical values regarding work with international students have.

Colleges of the University of California System

Those considering the University of California for their studies abroad in California are spoiled for choice: Ten top universities are available within the University of California system - from comparatively small institutions with a typical college atmosphere to large universities in the suburbs of metropolises such as Los Angeles or San Diego.

University of California Berkeley

UC Berkeley is that oldest campus of the UC system and one of the figureheads of the university network. The university is one of the most respected universities in the world and regularly takes the top places in internationally significant rankings. in the U.S. News & World Report In 2018, for example, it was on Fourth place of the best universities in the world elected, just behind Harvard University, MIT and Stanford University.

The university can also come up with some superlatives: There are 14 colleges and universities at the university Schools settled. UC Berkeley has one of the largest library systems in the country with over ten million volumes. There are more than 1200 student organizations on campus and there are currently seven Nobel Prize winners at the university. Service is very important here.

University of California Davis

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A large research university in a student city with flair: UC Davis.

UC Davis has one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions in the agricultural and environmental sciences and has one of the five Medical schools of the UC system.

UC Davis is one typical "small town university". Students make up half of Davis' population and are an integral part of city life. In addition, UC Davis is considered one of the “most bicycle-friendly universities” in the USA. Everything in the student city can be easily reached by bike.

University of California Irvine

UC Irvine combines the advantages of a large research university with the pleasant atmosphere of a small college. The spacious campus of the UCI is located in the famous Orange County in southern California. Thanks to the university's central location, students can quickly reach nearby surfing beaches and find wonderful cycling and hiking trails in the area.

The UCI has made a name for itself especially in neuroscientific research and atmospheric research. The outstanding quality in research and teaching at the UCI receives regular awards. For four years in a row, the university has been in the top 10 of the “100 best universities under 50” of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

University of California Los Angeles

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Outstanding in every respect: UCLA is known for the highest quality standards in research and teaching, an immense variety of subjects and its city-like campus.

UCLA is that largest and second oldest location of the University of California System and one of America's most prestigious universities. The variety of subjects at UCLA is immense. Every year around 5,000 courses are offered at the university. Alone within the UCLA Summer Sessions there are over 700 courses to choose from. UCLA's research program is also substantial. The university has around 5000 ongoing research projects.

The College campus UCLA is so big that it is called own city goes through. The campus attracts with a variety of catering options, sports stadiums and a generous range of sports. There is even a wooded park on the campus and invites you to take a stroll.

In addition, UCLA is one of the universities with the greatest ethnic diversity in the world. And the city center of the multicultural metropolis LA is less than ten kilometers away from UCLA.

University of California Merced

The youngest university of the UC System is the UC Merced. In autumn 2005 the university opened its doors and is thus the first American research university of the 21st century. The UC Merced is not far from the famous Yosemite National Park, which is ideal for hiking tours, climbing and camping.

Research also plays an important role at UC Merced. A high priority is assigned to interdisciplinary work and interactive learning. In addition, is Sustainability is a key issue at UC Merced. All buildings on campus are LEED certified. One goal of the university is to save more CO2 in the future through the increased use of renewable energy sources.

University of California Riverside

Small courses, helpful professors and a large research commitment distinguish the UC Riverside. Even undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in existing research projects at the university.

The UC Riverside has a good reputation in the USA. 2014 chose that Time Magazine the university as the best university in the country based on the graduation rate, the affordability of the study and the financial aid available for students.

This is one of the other highlights of the university almost 500 hectares of university campus with one of the largest academic libraries in the country. The UC Riverside can also score with its location on the edge of the Box Springs Mountains. Not only outdoor fans get their money's worth here.

University of California San Diego

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UCSD is not only a leading international research university, but also has a world-famous library, the Geisel Library.

Founded in 1959, the UCSD managed to become one within a few decades World-class research university to develop.

Each of the six colleges has its own programmatic orientation, defines individual application requirements and provides accommodation for the students - similar to the British cadre schools Oxford and Cambridge. The advantage: the study groups are smaller and the students are supervised more closely. In addition, the UCSD is the campus of the UC system with the most international semester students at bachelor level.

The fact that the UCSD is at the top international level is also shown by the consistently outstanding ranking results. Five Nobel Prize winners are currently doing research at the university. The fact that the USCD's science, engineering and medicine research centers are among the ten largest in the country speaks for itself.

University of California San Francisco

The UCSF is the only campus of the University of California system that exclusively theHealth sciencesand dedicated to medicine is. So it's not surprising that UC San Francisco is home to one of the world's leading centers for biomedicine. The four Professional Schools of the university - dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy - are among the best in the country. Among other things, they lead the list of U.S. News Best Graduate Schools 2016 on.

UC San Francisco is entirely focused on graduate education, offering nearly 20 doctoral programs and ten master’s degrees.

University of California Santa Barbara

Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and right on the coast of the Pacific is the UC Santa Barbara. The surrounding landscape invites you to all kinds of outdoor activities. One could hardly wish for a more pleasant study environment. The atmosphere in the courses is also pleasant. Many professors are already working with undergraduate students in laboratories or on special research projects.

The UCSB applies loudly U.S. News and World Report 2016 as one of the best state universities in the USA. It is also a pioneer in terms of interdisciplinary research. The interdisciplinary orientation is also reflected in the range of courses at UC Santa Barbara. Semester students can, for example, opt for philosophy with a focus on Ethics and Public Policy or chemical engineering with a focus Computational Science and Engineering decide.

University of California Santa Cruz

UC Santa Cruz is surrounded by tall sequoia trees and not far from the Pacific coast. Campus life at the university is characterized by arelaxed and familiar atmosphere out. Nevertheless, students enjoy all the advantages of a large research university.

The most pressing problems of our time are being researched at UC Santa Cruz. Scientists seek political answers to financial crises, develop assistive technologies for people with disabilities and contribute to the fight against diseases such as AIDS, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Perhaps that is why the university has already been im Times Higher Education World University Rankings as one of the universities with the world's greatest research influence excellent.