Why different countries have different internet speeds

This is how fast mobile internet is in Germany

Berlin (red) - Mobile Internet in Germany is slower than in France and Poland. Last year, the average mobile internet speed in Germany was 6.1 Mbit / s, as German mobile phone users determined with the help of an app. For comparison: In France it was 8.4 Mbit / s, in Poland 8.6 Mbit / s, in the United Kingdom 5.0 Mbit / s and in Italy 5.4 Mbit / s.

These are the countries where you surf the fastest

The fastest mobile internet connection can be found in Denmark (22.3 Mbit / s), followed by Switzerland (16.6 Mbit / s), Norway (14.8 Mbit / s), Sweden (11.6 Mbit / s) and Finland (11.2 Mbit / s). The slowest connections, on the other hand, are in Ukraine (0.3 Mbit / s), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1.0 Mbit / s) and Moldova (1.8 Mbit / s).

Telekom before E-Plus

There are strikingly large differences between the German mobile network operators. According to the experience of German cell phone users, the fastest connections in 2014 could be assigned to the Telekom network. The average download speed measured by the users was 9.1 Mbit / s. According to user measurements, the E-Plus network was the second fastest network with 6.8 Mbit / s. The networks of Vodafone and o2 could be booked as the third and fourth fastest networks with 5.0 Mbit / s and 4.8 Mbit / s respectively.

Speed ​​depends on many factors

"Numerous factors explain the different speeds reached by mobile phone users in different countries," says Professor Jukka Manner, head of the Netradar project at Aalto University. This includes not only the network of the mobile network operator], but the applications used, speed limits, the distance between the user and the mobile network antenna, the landscape and more.

The "Netradar" app

Netradar is an app for measuring cellular network connections and mobile applications. The app is available free of charge for Android, iOS, Windowns Phone, Blackberry, Nokia X, Meego, Symbian and Jolla / Sailfish. So far, the Netradar app has been installed 200,000 times. The database contains five million measurements from all over the world.