Camera can only be trusted to autonomous vehicles

Highly automated and autonomous driving - risk and legal responsibility

With a focus on criminal and civil law, the Juristische Rundschau (JR) provides a concise, concentrated overview of legal developments in teaching and case law.

SELECTION. From the flood of decisions, the JR selects those for publication that are particularly relevant to the practice of judges and lawyers.

PROCESSING. The JR is 'die' magazine, which evaluates in particular the highest court case law and prepares comments for the reader.

DISCOURSE. The JR also and above all takes on the controversial legal-political issues and presents arguments and opinions in a clear and comprehensive manner.



In dealing with current issues, the opinion of jurisprudence and teaching is included with special consideration of the needs of practice.


From the flood of decisions on civil and criminal law, those with fundamental and trend-setting statements, shortened to the essential passages, are selected. These decisions are critically analyzed through comments from experts and incorporated into the development. Regular case law reports are printed on constitutional law, administrative law and labor law; they report on the main developments and place them in the current state of case law.

Book reviews

Particularly selected new publications that are essential for science, practice and training in general are honored in short reviews.