What is the best policy for the family

Family land Bavaria

Empower parents

Family is the first and most important place of education. As beautiful and fulfilling as a life with children is, education is just as demanding. Because a world of almost unlimited possibilities is also a world of sometimes difficult decisions.

In this challenging world, Bavaria relies on strong parents. Because competent parenting behavior is crucial for the best development opportunities for our children. That is why Bavaria, together with the cities and municipalities, strengthens parents with a nationwide unique support network with parenting advice centers, marriage and family advice centers, mothers centers and family support centers - all over the country.

Promote children and young people

We humans are social beings. We establish and maintain social relationships all our lives. Bavaria's day-care centers and day-care centers are valuable educational institutions with their own educational mandate. Here children play and learn with others.

Every child and every young person should be able to develop their potential in the best possible way. Bavaria creates opportunities for this right from the start, regardless of origin, mother tongue or place of residence. Bavaria's cities and municipalities have the best funding conditions for child day care. We invest almost 2 billion euros in government funds year after year in ongoing operations and new places, in language training, media skills and quality of education.

Some young people have a harder time than others. We pay special attention to your concerns and needs. We want all young people to master their lives, to be successful in school and to gain a foothold in the job market. Bavaria already has the best youth social work network in Germany. We are expanding youth social work in schools (JaS) and qualification and training projects within the framework of youth social work related to the world of work (AJS).

Protect children

Children need our special protection - especially in the first years of life. The coordinating child protection offices (KoKi - Network for Early Childhood) are important contact points for parents with babies and toddlers in stressful situations. In addition, there is the Bavarian Child Protection Ambulance, which is unique in Germany, at the Institute for Forensic Medicine of the LMU in Munich as a Bavaria-wide competence center. Here, doctors and specialists from youth welfare offices all over Bavaria receive in-depth advice on suspected child abuse.

The JFF - Institute for Media Education in Research and Practice and the Youth Protection Campaign bring science and practice together - in media education, in sex education and for the prevention of violence.

Involve children and young people

Our democracy lives from participation. Young people don't just want to be heard, they want to have a say and help shape it. Through your commitment today, you decide what our society will look like tomorrow.

Bavaria's youth is Bavaria's future. The Free State is constantly developing the framework conditions, which are unique in Germany, for youth associations, clubs and institutions for youth work. We have made the options for leave of absence for employees for the purposes of youth work much more flexible and we have improved the promotion of youth associations. In addition, the Free State supports voluntary and full-time specialists within the framework of Bavarian youth policy.