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Rivers in the long run?

After a 2019 season that began with the sensational resignation of quarterback Andrew Luck and despite a partially fit Jacoby Brissett, everything should get better this year. The central piece of the puzzle is the newly signed Philip Rivers, whom the Los Angeles Chargers said goodbye and who signed with the Colts at the beginning of the Free Agency.

However, Rivers is already 38 years old and he has already stated that he had played with the idea of ​​resigning. In view of his group of children (current status: eight) also understandable.

Now his new head coach Frank Reich expressed his hope to ESPN that Rivers will stay longer: "The idea in the negotiations was that we were in the same boat and that Philip wanted to play as long as he was here. It's the NFL and we know that he has to prove it again. But we have to prove to him as a team that we want to play him here too. But I can tell you from my previous relationship with him [at the Chargers, where Reich 2013 as quarterbacks coach and the worked with Rivers as offensive coordinator for the following two years] say that I really believe that Philips' mindset is that he wants to play for many years to come. Personally, I believe that he absolutely has what it takes to play for several more years. "

Even if Rivers certainly had a below average year (23 turnovers, the third most interceptions in the league behind Jameis Winston and Baker Mayfield), he should help the Colts quickly. In addition, with the exception receiver T.Y. Hilton as well as Michael Pittman Jr. (second round pick) and running back Jonathan Taylor (also second round), who were signed in the draft, strengthened the skill players of the offense again considerably.

This should allow the 4,615 pass yards and 20 touchdowns of the previous year to be repeated - if they should be necessary in view of the strong running back duo Marlon Mack / Jonathan Taylor. Incidentally, Jacoby Brissett only had 3,000 yards and 18 touchdowns (but with one game less). However, he only made nine turnovers (six interceptions / three fumbles).

Incidentally, the idea of ​​Philip Rivers as the future head coach of a high school in Fairhope, Alabama, should have nothing to do with the end of his career. It's basically an open offer.

In any case, it is conceivable that Rivers will hang on for a few more years and take an example from Tom Brady, if you want him for that long.

Carsten Keller - May 18, 2020

Philip Rivers should stay longer than just a year if possible (© Getty Images)

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