What is FL Studio Compatible Storage

IMAGE-LINE FL Studio Fruity Loops Producer Edition 8

FL Studio is the specialist in beat programming on the PC. It contains all the tools necessary for music production. With the integrated instruments, effects and tools, complex compositions can be created just as easily as backing tracks, loops or hot beats.

For sound generation, FL Studio 13 offers virtual synthesizers that can be used to create just about any sound, from standard instruments such as bass, guitar or strings to unusual electronic sound patterns. A sampler, with which samples can be edited and played, also makes the last sound wishes come true. Thanks to ASIO capability, the instruments can be played with almost no latency. FL Studio is open to other VST or DXi plug-ins and can even be used as a plug-in in other programs such as Cubase or Sonar.

In FL Studio you now have a free choice of the type of recording, because for the first time you have both a pattern-based and a track-based sequencer at your disposal. In contrast to other sequencer programs, FL Studio gives you a free hand when it comes to project design: with the playlist you have completely flexible and virtually unlimited space for arranging and editing note patterns, audio and automation data. The most important functions are directly accessible in FL Studio and very easy to use, but even the professional sound tinkerer gets their money's worth with the detailed submenus.


  • FL Studio now also supports track-based sequencing. Pattern clips and automation clips make it easier for other programs to cross-over
  • Love Philter (collection of 8 filters for total creative flexibility)
  • Parametric EQ2 (parametric master equalizer with spectral analysis)
  • Edison (audio and recording tool with spectral analysis, convolution reverb) replaces the previous wave editor
  • Improved MultiCore CPU support
  • Realtime / step sequencer and piano roll editor
  • VST, ReWire, DXi plug-in / client support
  • MIDI input / output & MIDI file import / export
  • 64 insert & send tracks with up to 8 effects per track
  • Arpegiator, auto slicer, 10 soft synths, 25 effects
  • Parametric EQ, volume, panorama VU meter
  • Multi-user online collaboration
  • 4,000 license-free WAV samples from the SampleFusion Generic Sample CD
  • Separate rendering to WAV, MP3 & FX tracks
  • Reads WAV, MP3, SYN, DS & voice files
  • Audio recording / editing and wave editor
  • ASIO recording support
  • Envelope automation of parameters

System requirements (Windows):

  • Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
  • Pentium IV processor and higher recommended or Intel Mac with Bootcamp (under Windows XP)
  • 256 MB and more recommended
  • 200 MB free hard disk space
  • Windows compatible sound card
  • CD-ROM drive
  • ASIO / ASIO 2 or DirectSound sound card
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